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All of the blogs listed on this page are authored by current or former police officers.

Daily updates, briefings and news on the War on Terror.  Probably the most comprehensive listing of news about terror from around the world.  Authored by a retired Los Angeles Police Officer.

Criminal Justice Online Courses

Providing online information about Criminal Justice Courses online and brick and mortar, hiring and promotions

Criminal Justice Online

Providing criminal justice practitioners, students and academics with online information and resources.

Ex-Liberal in Hollywood

Clark Baker, a Retired LAPD officer (1980-2000) and Hollywood resident discusses local, national, and global politics. Clark has traveled or lived on every continent (except Antarctica) and served at US diplomatic missions in Asia and Central America during the 1970s.


Cop the Truth is the blog of a former paratrooper, veteran police officer and martial artist, currently living in the occupied territories of Southern California. Don't stalk him, he’s heavily armed! Cop the Truth’s interests are Anthropology, Greek, Roman, Medieval and American history, military and military science, the martial arts, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, security-related issues, and whatever else floats his boat at any given moment in time.

My name is DJ and I'm a LAPD police officer. I live in the heart of Hollywood and I work patrol in South Central Los Angeles. My LA life is extremely polar. I patrol the most violent streets in our country and I live at the foot of the famous Hollywood Hills. I started this blog to share my experiences and show both sides of this great but often misunderstood city. And if you are interested in law enforcement, hopefully this will give you a peek into this extremely exciting profession.


Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. ~ George S. Patton

The Blue Sheep Dog

The is a free daily blog designed to provide information and training to law enforcement officers. The information is written by me, an active-duty, 10 year veteran of police work. I'm a street cop writing for other street cops. Participation by other cops is always welcomed!

Open Door Warrior Project

Blog of a North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy. “One warrior's take on the world from a Christian view, tips offered to fellow warriors on how to live a God led life, based on leadership principles from the word of God. Also short stories offering encouragement.”

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