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What Every Chief Executive Should Know
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The Police Writers 2007 Book of the Year.

Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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Police Officer Personal Websites

A Dedication To Peace Officers (Worldwide)

Published by Senior Sergeant Terrance  D. Martin, Vermont State Police (ret.), the page is dedicated to "The Warriors," those Peace Officers who wear the Badge and have served their Cities, Villages, Towns, Counties, Regions, States, or Countries on the front lines of the many areas of the Criminal Justice System.

The webpage of a highly decorated, retired, New York Police Department Officer.


Edward D. Reuss retired from the New York City Police Department after 29 years of service. Appointed to the NYPD as a Patrolman in l963, he served in the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant , and Captain of Police. He takes pride in the fact that during his entire police career; he served in patrol precincts.

I am a Los Angeles Police Officer assigned to South Central Los Angeles patrol.  I work 11 months out of the year and three days a week!  With overtime I make considerably more than the above base pay.   I will help you join the LAPD by giving you an inside track to the hiring process and submitting a referral card to our personnel department that will show you were recommended by a current LAPD Officer.    The City of Los Angeles and the LAPD is job security with a great pension!  Don't go in blind!  Know someone on the inside!
The home of first responders.

Jim's Police and Military Site
This page is dedicated to all of my brothers and sisters who serve and have served in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Emergency Services and our Military. This page is mixed with Law Enforcement and Military resources and more. Your comments are always appreciated.

This link directory is open to all current, former and retired law enforcement officials and police officers who own or operate a business.  To readers and consumer, we make no warranty on product, services or other information contact on the websites included as links.  Moreover, inclusion is based on the honor system, the members supply the information and there is no effort to document same.  For other disclaimer information visit our disclaimer page

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