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Police Officer Writers Websites (2)

B. J. Whalen is a father and son writing team. The son, Bernard Whalen, is a lieutenant in the New York Police Department with more than eighteen years of service. During his career he has worked in New York City's Harlem, East Side, and Chinatown and in the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit. He has sixteen department recognition awards, including two Commendations, and is a member of the NYPD Honor Legion. His father, Jon Whalen, retired as a teacher from Manhasset High School on Long Island after thirty years in the classroom. While attending college, he worked as a New York State corrections officer at Sing Sing and Auburn prisons. He served four years in the US Army 3rd Armored Cav. Regt. in Germany. Together, the father and son teamed pen their first novel, Justifiable Homicide.

BJ Bourg
BJ Bourg began his law enforcement career in 1990 with the Lafourche Parish Sheriffs Office in Louisiana. He worked dispatch while attending the academy and, upon graduation was assigned to patrol. He worked patrol for about two years; and, in February of 1993, was promoted to detective. BJ worked as a detective for over ten years. He was promoted to sergeant and in 2003, became a full-time instructor at the police academy. In 2004, became the Chief Investigator for the Lafourche Parish District Attorneys Office. He still teaches at the police academy. He began to take his life-long passion for writing seriously in 2003. Since that time, he has published nearly 100 short stories in publications like Futures Mystery Magazine, Mysterical-E, Bewildering Stories, Apollos Lyre, Writers Post Journal, Amazon Shorts, and Chippewa Publishing. Additionally, his short stories appear in four books, Absent the Soul (a collection of my first twelve shorts), The EX Factor (a multi-authored anthology), Stories of Strength (a multi-authored anthology, the proceeds of which benefit victims of hurricane Katrina and other disasters), and Seven By Seven (a multi-authored anthology).

In addition to his writing, he is also the owner and editor of a new online mystery magazine called Mouth Full of Bullets.

Thomas J. Keevers - author
The companion website for Chicago trial lawyer, Thomas J. Keevers,  a former homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department.  His short stories have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies. One of them, "Thanksgiving Day in Homicide," was featured on National Public Radio's "Stories on Stage."  He has published two books in the P.I. Mike Duncavan Mystery Series: What the Hyena Knows and Music Across the Wall.

Chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation
The philosophy of the foundation is to provide financial support to charitable and educational endeavors that develop individuals who dare to become great leaders, aid those who refuse to compromise their principles in the face of opposition and to assist individuals and organizations who demonstrate courage in the face of adversity.  Rick Stone joined the Dallas Police Department in July 1973.  He served as a police officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and division commander.  In 1988, he was one of nine national finalists for the job of Chief of Police.  In 1989, he became the chief of police of Wichita, Kansas.  In 1996, he became the chief of police of the Hollywood Police Department (Florida).  He is the author of Behind the Gold Star.

Badge 149 Shots Fired!
The Companion Website for Gary P. Jones book.  According to the book description, The 1970's was the deadliest decade in modern law enforcement history and more police officers died than during any other decade of the 20th Century. In Fort Lauderdale, the "Venice of America," violent crime was almost out of control and to stem this vicious tide the Fort Lauderdale Police Department created the Tactical Impact Unit. Written with all the drama and excitement of a novel, Badge 149 - 'Shots Fired!' tells the true story of this small group of men and of the daring exploits that made them so well-known and respected.

The Firestone Syndrome
The companion website for Stephen Beeler's book, the Firestone Syndrome.

Joan Lock
A former nurse and policewoman, Joan Lock is the author of eight non-fiction police/crime books, including two on Scotland Yards first detectives and the history of the British women police a subject on which she is an authority. Joan has also written radio plays and documentaries. More recently she has turned to crime fiction, and to date has written one modern crime novel and six historical mysteries set in the Victorian era.

The Real Miami Vice
Michael Berish worked as a patrolman, a detective, and as a supervisor with the City of Miami Police Department for twenty-two years; thirteen of which were spent as an undercover detective in the REAL Miami Vice where he worked everything from Narcotics & Vice, Prostitution, Gambling and Pornography, to Dignitary Protection of President Jose Napoleon Duarte (of El Salvador) and Pope John Paul II.  His police stories have been published in several national magazines and won several writing awards.  Michael Berish is the author of Reflections from the Pit.



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