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Careers and Jobs

Police Exam
Developed by a 22 year veteran of law enforcement who has five years experience in the recruitment and testing arena, Police Exam is the only only online video police exam learning system available.

Police Exam Strategies
Police Entrance & Supervisors Exam Guides - Offers practice tests and strategies for the Police Entrance and Supervisors Exam. The owner is retired law enforcement.

Educational Consultants Institute
EDCON is owned and operated by retired Chief of Police Mary F. Rabadeau.  Specializing in law enforcement career development and advancement, EDCON Educational Consultants Institute has brought together the very best and brightest law enforcement instructors to assist you in traveling your career path. - Law Enforcement Officer Jobs and How to Get One
The owner/developer has been a police officer for 10 years. He has served with a federal department and currently serves with the Penn State University Police Department and a local department (the Monaca Police Department, PA). During his career, he has been assigned as a crime prevention officer, field training officer, and investigator.

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