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Private Investigators and Security

Vernon J. Geberth is a retired lieutenant-commander of the New York Police Department.  As the commanding officer of the Bronx Homicide Task Force, his investigators handled more than four hundred murder investigations every year.  Gerberth is recipient of over sixty awards for bravery and exceptional work during twenty-three years of service.  He has personally investigated, supervised, assessed, researched and consulted on over eight thousand homicides.


Cable Rock Investigations
Barry Brown, the principle of Cable Rock Investigations, retired from the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office in Eureka, California in 1998 as the Chief Investigator in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division. He was the primary liaison between the District Attorney's Office and other agencies within the criminal justice system and the D.A. representative for the Grand Jury.

Arkansas Investigations

The agency of Mike West, a former police officer from the state of Georgia. From the site, Need to find out about someone? We can help you.  We provide the most comprehensive private investigation and investigative consulting services anywhere in Arkansas!

Integrity Investigations Group

provides a wide range of services and capabilities   required by legal professionals, businesses or individuals anywhere within the   US. Headquartered in the state of Arkansas, we're located in the heart of the   Little Rock business district, and we're within easy reach of any customer who needs our services

Global Investigative Group

An independent investigative, security, and risk consultancy firm. We provide expert advice and exceptional service to insurers, TPAs, law firms, self-insurance companies, and corporations at large throughout the United States and in key foreign countries. Our goal is to help our clients reduce exposure to risk and cost of liability.

The Private Solutions Investigations

When Privacy Counts and a Solution Matters! Experienced Federal, State and Local Investigator: Covert Surveillance; Background Investigations; Workmen's Compensation

Civil & Criminal Investigations; Personal Protection; Computer Forensics; Wrongful Conviction Investigations; and, More.

Applied Marine Technology

Investigative Agency specializing in marine accident investigation and reconstruction.

International Association of Marine Investigators
Offers annual and regional conferences to further the training and knowledge of private industry, as well as public law enforcement personnel. Founded in 1986 when Major Dave MacGillis, of the Florida Marine Patrol, organized and published the Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster. This roster was intended to assist investigators combat marine crime, a high profit, low risk crime that was out of control, by providing contact persons from various agencies involved in marine theft investigations.

Beau Dietl & Associates

Never having been someone who could be content to just take it easy, when Richard "Bo" Dietl retired from the NYPD in March 1985, he founded Beau Dietl & Associates. Specializing in corporate investigations for major international companies, BDA has grown to become one of the largest international agencies with its worldwide headquarters located in the historic Daily News Building at 220 E. 42nd Street in New York City.


Chuck Klein holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree; has a combined 25 years experience as a police officer and licensed private investigator; author of many books.


Lakeside Investigations
Michigan Private Investigator - Cheating Spouse Michigan Private Investigator- Cheating Spouse, Child Custody, Bug Sweep Services. The firm is owned and operated by an active duty police detective.

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