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Police Consulting
The website for the International Police and Law Enforcement Consultant, Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.)

Practical Edge Shooting, Inc
Practical Edge Shooting specializes in providing firearm instruction that can be applied to a variety of shooting disciplines from the beginning shooter to the elite armed professional.  David Blosser, a police officer and founder of Practical Edge Shooting, has numerous certifications and years of experience in both a tactical background and competitive shooting. Together this provides him with a wealth of knowledge to provide exceptional training.  Practical Edge Shooting is currently based out of Kennewick Washington. Practical Edge Shooting can also provide on site training at other locations.

In addition to being the founder of the Lethal Force Institute, Massad Ayoob, is an acknowledged expert on the use of deadly force in self-defense by civilians. He has long advocated for the armed citizen, however, his experience as a police officer illustrated to him how poorly the average citizen understood the laws concerning deadly force. In an attempt to correct the dangerous misconceptions on the subject, he wrote In the Gravest Extreme. The success of that book help establish LFI as a full-time training academy

Steve Albrecht a retired police officer from the San Diego Police Department founded Albrecht Training & Development. His firm provides training and consulting on workplace violence prevention and threat management.  Steves book, Surviving Street Patrol: The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing, advises fellow officers of measures they can take on a routine basis to improve their odds of going home.

The Companion website for Steve Albrecht's book of the same title. 

The Contact & Cover tactical approach was born out of the assaults and deaths of many good officers and deputies over the last 20 years.

Michael D. Lyman, Ph.D., began his career as a special agent and criminal investigator for the Kansas Bureau of investigation.  He then moved to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs as a senior agent and criminal investigator. 

World View Intelligence

Tony M. Kail is Founder and Director of World View Intelligence. Tony has served as a consultant and law enforcement trainer for numerous regional, state and federal agencies. He has over fifteen years of experience in research and training on the subject of magico-religious cultures and crime.


Former Chief of Police Richard B. Weinblatt, M.P.A., Ed.S., is a certified police instructor and established criminal justice writer.  Currently, he is a professor and program manager for the Criminal Justice Institute at Seminole Community College (Sanford, Florida) where he oversees the police academy. 

Rifle Warrior

Home Page of Author and Lecturer Craig Roberts

Craig Roberts joined the Tulsa Police Department in August of 1969. His first assignment Patrol Division.  In 1971, a new unit was formed called the "TAC Squad," which was Tulsa's first "SWAT" type special operations team.

Retired New York City Police Department Captain Edward Mamet founded ECJM Consultants Inc. in 1998, after completing forty years service in police work. His group provides high quality, cost-effective police and security practices expertise to clients on a variety of law enforcement and security related issues.

Chief Penny Eileen Harrington

Consult with lawyers representing plaintiffs or defendants in discrimination cases to assess the case and suggest possible settlement options, expert witnesses, etc.; Serve as witness in court cases;  Conduct confidential investigations in areas of discrimination and harassment. and, Design and present training programs on discrimination and harassment prevention.

Ron Martinelli is a former police officer and a 25 year veteran of law enforcement, who spent the majority of his diverse career with the San Jose (CA) Police Department. Martinelli & Associates: Justice Consultants, LLC is one of the largest and most recognized law enforcement and criminal justice consulting and training firms in CA. Ron Martinelli, a former San Jose PD officer, investigator and Criminal Justice Training Center director, founded the firm in 1980.

Quinn and Associates

The companion website for Michael Quinns book Walk with the Devil.

Michael Quinn has been in law enforcement for over 26 years, 23 1/2 of those with the Minneapolis Police Department.  Mike's success in law enforcement is reflected in the passion and commitment he brings to being an ethical cop. Mike's first book. Walking with the Devil: The Police Code of Silence is being used in several colleges nationwide and has received glowing reviews from police professionals across the nation.


With 40 years of practice, and almost 25 years as a police officer James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., has expertise as a police psychologist, a therapist, a teacher, an author, a police officer, a mediator and negotiator, and as a consultant. The field of Crisis Intervention has been his focus.

Warren Consulting

Warren Consulting provides expert witness services including Police Practices, all facets of Police Use of Force, SWAT, PTSD and physiological effects during conflict, Flight Crew defense, as well as other physical skills and high risk operation dynamics


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