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Portland Police Department (Maine)

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Joseph K. Loughlin

About the Portland Police Department

The Portland Police Department is Maine's largest municipal law enforcement agency.  It is organized into: Patrol Division; Community Affairs; Criminal Investigations; Information Services; and, Specialized Areas.


The Patrol Division encompasses most uniformed services including Patrol Teams, the Tactical Enforcement Unit and Animal Control. Community Affairs consists of the Community Policing Program, Island Services, and the Traffic Unit. Criminal Investigations is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all reported incidents in Portland. This function includes General Investigations, Forensics, Property/Evidence, and the Victim Advocate. As law enforcement grows into the information age, the Information Services functions of the Department gain greater importance. Computer services, Emergency Communications and the record keeping for the Department are located here.  The Department has several specialized functions that are not directly associated to any of the areas above such as the K-9 Unit, Dive Team, and the CIT. CIT is the Crisis Intervention Team that consists of highly trained officers who deal with people suffering from a mental health crisis.





Selected book from an Portland Police Department police officer.

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine
Joseph K. Loughlin  More Info

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