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Police Work It's Not All Coffee and Donuts: A Read for Police Officers and Those Who Dare to Learn What Makes Them Tick and Ticked Off
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About the Lawrence Police Department

The two largest divisions of the Lawrence Police Department are the Patrol Division and the Detective Division.  The Patrol Division is the backbone of the department and is responsible for patrol coverage and emergency response within the 7 square miles of Lawrence. The patrol division is the largest division in the department and is primarily responsible for responding to calls for service, conducting preliminary investigations, investigating motor vehicle accidents, crime control and improvement of neighborhoods, and service delivery in response to crime advisories and community concerns. As first responders to all emergency calls, the patrol officers also assist local E.M.S. and Lawrence Fire units.


The Patrol Division is under the command of a Captain. Each of the three platoons (shifts) includes a supervisory team of a Lieutenant, and three Sergeants, the patrol officer's immediate supervisor. The City is divided into six geographical areas known as sectors.


A Captain, two Lieutenants and two Sergeants supervise the Detective Division. There are a total of nineteen investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit. All investigators receive specialized education and training in their assigned areas such as homicide investigations, sexual assault and battery, crime scene processing, investigation of financial fraud, juvenile laws, drug interdiction and many other specialized investigative disciplines.




Ray Rubino has devoted the majority of his fifty-five years to his country and native city, Lawrence, Massachusetts.  He attended the Massachusetts State Police Academy and earned an associates degree in law enforcement from Northern Essex Community College. A former Marine and Viet Nam veteran, he proudly served twenty-eight years as a member of the Lawrence Police Department.


Ray Rubino is the author of Police Work It's Not All Coffee and Donuts: A Read for Police Officers and Those Who Dare to Learn What Makes Them Tick and Ticked Off.  According to the book description, Ray Rubino’s book is “a journey through the mind and emotions of a civilian who becomes a police officer, and explores the metamorphosis from an energetic rookie to an apathetic veteran.  Join him as he takes the absurd academic and physical tests; takes a tour of the police station and his city; rides in a cruiser on his first day, and experiences the rigors of the police academy.  Prepare for the unexpected realities, and not a trendy batch of horror stories. It is not the expected confrontations with criminals, but the surprising reception by the public, the twisted coverage of the media, the crippling political influences within the department and the disappointing leniency of the justice system that will rip the fighting spirit from the heart of a police officer.”

One reader of Police Work It's Not All Coffee and Donuts: A Read for Police Officers and Those Who Dare to Learn What Makes Them Tick and Ticked Off said, “Officer Rubino has worked in a community whose entire infrastructure has many needs, and his starting with the belabored police culture is very appropriate. Although this book was written in 1998, I have just now discovered this author. His constructive suggestions on the placement of improvements would impart the meat of a good documentary, and his personal experience with the use of humor could supply Ron Howard with excellent tragi-comedy for a film about real, hard-working, and principled officers.

The community is my home town, and yes, it has enjoyed low ratings in the "cities one would love to live in" polls over the years (friends have mailed the survey results to me from as far away as Manila, chuckling about Lawrence). With severe requirements for state and federal assistance, Lawrence is still full of wonderful people. Ray Rubino is a Lawrentian who is educated, insightful and talented. A first effort, but a first-rate account.”

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