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Ray Tercek “is a retired cop, with over thirty-one years in service. He served twenty-six years in the Portland Police Bureau (Oregon), performing work in nearly every division and precinct in Portland:  in patrol, investigative, training, and administrative positions. His specialty assignments were Intelligence, Special Emergency Response Team, and Drug Investigations. During his drug enforcement years, he was commissioned as a Special Deputy United States Marshal. With the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration, he supervised the first Northwest Presidential Drug Task Force during Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs of the 1980s.

In later years, He left Portland and served five years with the Gresham Police Department (Oregon), commanding both Patrol and Investigations Divisions. He retired in 2002. Tercek is a graduate of University of Portland and of Northwestern University, School of Police Staff and Command.” Ray Tercek is the author of The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al.

According to the book description of The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al., “In the early 1980s, Portland Police Sergeant Ray Tercek helped launch one of the nation’s largest drug trafficking conspiracy investigations—something he didn’t initially set out to do. When a small investigation into the activities of known cocaine trafficker Jose “Pepe” Chavez revealed a larger criminal conspiracy, it was apparent to Tercek and his team that traditional buy-bust methods of drug investigation would be ineffective to bring down the entire organization. As a result, Presidential Task Force NW-OR-001 was formed. However, catching Chavez and his chief co-conspirator, James Barnard, would not be cut-and-dry. Tercek’s efforts would be complicated by the internal politics of his own police bureau. 

The Investigation of Pepe Chavez, et al., is Tercek’s account of how a rookie sergeant with a new style of investigation led his team through the dirty underworld of adult entertainment shops and into the high-octane world of NHRA drag racing to catch their suspects. Tercek, along with Lead Investigator Mickey Guinn, DEA Agent Ray Moffett, and the rest of Task Force NW-OR-001, took down a conspiracy that moved drugs from South America through Mexico into several western states including Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon. Tercek’s narrative provides an introspective look at the mechanics of a historical conspiracy method of investigation and exposes the behind-the-scenes political wrangling that threatened to defeat the investigation at every turn.”

When Police and Politics Collide is the second of the series The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al. In the early 1980s, then Portland Police Sergeant Ray Tercek helped launch one of the nation s largest drug trafficking conspiracy investigations. When Police and Politics Collide details the second phase of the investigation, a secret federal grand jury investigation of the higher echelons of the criminal organization. It all ended in a scandalous internal fallout in the City of Portland when a Portland Police Officer leaked investigative secrets. And that's when the true-crime story digressed to a tangent. Politicians threw bureaucratic obstruction into the path of the investigation. Why? Because the offending officer was married to the Chief of Police.


One reader of The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al. said, “I cannot imagine taking all of this information and putting it together into such a well written book. The cocaine world and the police investigative world woven together and presented in an easy to understand way - what an achievement! Both the book and the police work documented in the book which was done by the author and which formed the basis for the book are amazing.”

About the Portland Police Bureau

The Portland Police Bureau maintains five state-of-the-art precincts, with over 1,000 sworn personnel and 350 professional staff. They are the largest police agency in Oregon. A partial list of assignments within the Portland Police Bureau includes: Patrol; Neighborhood response team; School liaison officer; Bicycle patrol; Traffic enforcement; Horse patrol; Domestic violence investigation; Crime analyst; K9 unit;  Drug and vice investigations; Gang enforcement; Air support; Special Emergency Response Team (SERT); and, Explosive Disposal Unit (bomb squad).


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