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Raymond Berke

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Detective Raymond Berke, NYPD (ret.) had a twenty year law enforcement career.  His is the author of 6 More Dead!

According to the book description of 6 More Dead, “Ana Figueroa lay in a hospital bed. Her throat slit from one side to the other. Her face swollen beyond recognition and unable to speak, the trauma doctors were unaware that she had also been shot in the face. Her only method of communication was a pencil and yellow legal pad. NYPD Detective Raymond Berke, upon seeing Ana, realized that he would have to wait until she was better able to communicate. As he started to leave, she grabbed his arm and pulled him to her bed. Using her pencil she scrawled 6 More Dead. Chronicling the true life experiences of NYPD Detective Raymond Berke, 6 More Dead begins with his first days as a rookie cop on the mean streets of Brooklyn, and follows him through to his rise to Detective in the Silk Stocking district of Manhattan. His cases involve everything from the lowest scum of the earth, crawling through the gutters of NY, to the white collar criminals of society’s upper echelon, taking him as far away as London, England for investigations involving possible ties to the royal family of Great Britain. Berke’s cases don’t stop, culminating in his shocking investigation into one of the largest mass murders in New York history; The College Point Massacre. If ever a book got into the minds of both Criminals and Detectives, this is it!”

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