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Raymond Pingitore is a detective in the Johnston Police Department (Rhode Island) where he has served for twenty-five years.  In 1992, he earned his detective badge and currently works in the major crimes division. A graduate of Roger Williams University, Raymond Pingitore holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.   He is the co-author of Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience.


Raymond Pingitore’s co-author is Paul Lonardo.  Paul Lonardo comes from a varied educational background, with an AS in mortuary science and a BA in English from the University of Rhode Island. He is the author of numerous short fiction and a previous novel.


According to the book description of Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience, “This riveting tale of true crime and the perseverance of justice grips and enthralls the reader from start to finish. In 2000, in Providence, Rhode Island, two college students — Amy Shute and Jason Burgeson — were approached by a group of men. Forced into the backseat and driven to a remote location, they were murdered when one of the perpetrators realized the students had seen his face. Long after the initial crime, Detective Raymond Pingitore Jr. and the families of both victims embarked on a remarkable crusade to bring the killers to justice.”

One reader of Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience said, “The authors of this book most certainly did their research on this horrific event. Anyone who lives in RI or Massachusetts will remember this crime as it touched all of us. The author(s) did a wonderful job capturing the emotional impact these senseless murders had not only to their families/friends but to the detective on the scene. I felt a connection to not only Amy & Jason, but to the detective as well and although I knew the ending, I did not visualize the many details found in this book until I read the book. No other publication brought this story to true form the way Thrill Killers did. I recommend this book to anyone who reads true crime stories to not only understand a piece of the sick puzzle, but, to also feel a connection to the innocent people forever affected by evil senselessness.”

Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience
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One reader of Thrill Killers: A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience said, “One of the best true crime books I've read in years. Thrill Killers tells the story of a small town police department and a tragic high profile double murder. The lead detective puts the reader in his head and into the criminal investigation and trials of five murderers. The senseless act is made all the more real as the book delves beyond the dramatic headlines and introduces the reader to the two victims and their families. As you read the book, the connection you feel toward them will provoke strong emotions. Even if you wanted to put this one down, you won't be able to.”

About the Johnston Police DepartmentThe Town of Johnston (Rhode Island) was founded in 1759.  Currently, approximately 28, 000 people live in the town. The Johnston Police Department is located at 1651 Atwood Avenue.  According to the Chief of Police, “The Mission of the Johnston Police Department is to fulfill the Law Enforcement needs of the Community with the highest degree of fairness, professionalism and integrity and to protect the rights of the people of their lives in freedom and safety. All Employees shall perform their respective patrol, investigative and support functions to the best of their ability.”

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