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Chief Reece Daniel began his law enforcement career in 1976 with the Paris Police Department (Texas).  He joined the Farmers Branch Police Department in 1980, rising to the rank of Captain.  In 1999, he became the chief of police for the Rowlett Police Department; and, in 2006 he became the chief of police for the Jacksonville Police Department (Texas).

Chief Reece Daniel has a AA in law enforcement; a BS in Criminology and Psychology; and, a MS in Criminal Justice.  He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and holds a Criminal Justice Practitioner’s Certificate from the University of Virginia.  Chief Reece Daniel is the author of Desert Sunshine.

According to the book description of Desert Sunshine, it “combines elements of modern law enforcement with the Old West of 1882. Ed Adair, retired police chief, moves back to his boyhood home in Arizona to become a Special Arizona Ranger, where he can indulge his insatiable appetite for western memorabilia and unsolved cases from the 1880s. The move also gives Ed the opportunity to explore his Apache heritage and come to grips with the pain of growing up as a mixed blood child on the reservation and being tagged with the hated name "Blue Eyes". Following an attempt on his life, Ed finds himself in the 1882 Arizona Territory where he needs all his law enforcement skills and Apache spiritualism to survive and right two wrongs; one against a sheriff murdered in 1882 and the other against the Indian tribes who have lost their mineral rights to the powerful Penrod family through crooked land deals.”

One reader of Desert Sunshine said the “debut novel by Reece Daniel is a well-written narrative that rivals the best of Tony Hillerman. Using words, Daniel paints pictures of the beauty that abounds in and around the desert while presenting readers with a portrait of pristine lands untouched by progress. Daniel's glimpses into the life style and spirituality of the Apaches, brings a sense of reality to his story. "Desert Sunshine" is easily one of the best time travel tales that I have read. This book is part mystery, part romance, and page after page just plain great reading. Having read many stories concerning the unusual abilities of Native American Shamans, much of Daniel's narrative reads like non-fiction. Desert Sunshine is Best-Seller quality and I look forward to reading much more from this talented author.”

According to the description of Chief Reece Daniel’s latest book, Trinity Flesh Flowers, it is “the most chilling and real murder mystery to come out in years. Taken from the experiences of a 32 year veteran of law enforcement, this work of fiction will keep you awake at night. The vivid descriptions and narrative will take you so close to the crime scene you will smell the hot blood being spilled.”

Desert Sunshine
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One reader of Desert Sunshine said “This is the first book written by Reece Daniel, and he is to be commended for his effort. The story of a modern day Arizona Ranger going back in time to 1882, where he is again an Arizona Ranger, is a nice twist. I like time travel stories as well as westerns, so this fits the bill. The story is generously laced with good descriptions and attention to detail; the comedy of the main character adjusting to life of over 100 years ago is great. The relationship of Native American spiritualism and Christianity is nicely portrayed, and there is plenty of action, too. I especially liked Waddie... the drunken side-kick. Predictably, the main character almost gets caught in on of those "space-time continuum" paradoxes, but it.”

About the Jacksonville Police Department

General Thomas J. Rusk brought the Texas Army into this area to search for the renegades who had committed the murders. One of his soldiers, Kentucky native Jackson Smith, was scouting along Gum Creek when he found a spot so beautiful that he vowed to return and make his home there. Nine years later, he Jackson Smith returned and eventually the City of Jacksonville was formed.


Today, the Jacksonville Police Department operates a full service law enforcement agency for a city of approximately 14,000.  The Jacksonville Police Department operates on a 2.2 million budget.  In addition to the chief of police, the Jacksonville Police Department is staffed by one assistant chief, five sergeants, 16 patrol officers, 6 police officers assigned to criminal investigations and approximately 10 non-sworn employees in various positions such as secretary and dispatch. 




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