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John Eisler

About the Reedley Police Department

The Reedley Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency located in California.  It is organized into the Administrative Section, Operations and Support.  According to the Reedley Police Department, “The Administration Section of the Reedley Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, 2 Lieutenants, who serve as Division Commander of the Operations and Support Services Divisions, and one Administrative Assistant. The Administration Section is responsible for the effective and efficient supply of police services for the entire city. These services consists of daily patrol, traffic enforcement, School Resources, Investigations, Communications, Records Management, Training, Community Service through Neighborhood Watch and Volunteer Programs and Internal Affairs Investigations.


The Reedley Police Department Operations Division consists of one Lieutenant, 5 Sergeants, 15 Patrol Officers, 2 Reserve Officer Positions, one Animal Control Officer, and 10 Police Explorers. Units within this Division consist of the Canine Unit, Field Training Officers, Training Division, Gang Unit, Reserve Unit, Beach Patrol Unit, Bike Unit, Revitalization Project Team, Traffic Unit, D.U.I. Team, and the Explorer Post.


The Reedley Police Department Support Services Division consists of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeants, 3 Detectives, 1 Civilian Supervisor, 6 Dispatchers, 2 Records Specialists, 1 Property/Evidence CSO and 2 Part Time CSO's. Units within this Division consist of the Detective Unit, Narcotics, Communications, Records, Jail and Facility Management, Property / Evidence, Major Crime Scene Unit, Court Liaison, Personnel and POST Training Compliance.”

Selected book by a law enforcement official of the Reedley Police Department:


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