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Jim Potter

About the Reno County Sheriff’s Department

The Reno County Sheriff’s Department consists of a “80 person department and two detention facilities, serving a population of approximately 65,000 and covering 1250 square miles.”  It is organized into several divisions including Jail Division, Patrol Division and Detective Division.

“The jail division has 4 crews that work 12-hour shifts and are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the inmates in our custody.  The jail division is also responsible for transporting inmates to and from courts, medical and mental health appointments and outside facilities.  These tasks are performed by the jails S.T.A.T. unit, which is comprised of a sergeant and 5 state certified deputies.

The Patrol division is responsible for the 24-hour coverage of 1271 square miles, the service of civil process and delinquent tax collection.  The patrol division is comprised of 4 crews, which operate on 12-hour shifts. The civil process/delinquent tax division has a sergeant, two patrol deputies, one civilian process server and one support service civilian.  Deputies are trained in advance accident reconstruction, are members of the Emergency Response Team (specialized team comprised of Reno County Sheriff’s deputies and Hutchinson Police Department officers), conduct DUI check lanes, saturation patrols and seatbelt enforcement programs, serve civil papers and collect delinquent taxes

The detective division has 8 sergeants, 2 deputies and 4 civilian employees who are responsible for case investigations, arrest warrant service, fugitive extradition, juvenile matters, drug enforcement/investigation, forensic computer analysis, offender registration, crime analysis and service support.  Detectives are also responsible for overseeing the Crime Stoppers of Reno County, hostage negotiations and various other added duties.”

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the Reno County Sheriff's Department in Kansas.

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