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A Frangible Quest
Rex Fowler  More Info

About the El Segundo Police Department

The El Segundo Police Department has 108 authorized positions, of which 69 are sworn and an annual operating budget of approximately $11.9 million dollars. The Department is known for its progressive management and enjoys an excellent reputation as an innovative, professional, and community oriented law enforcement agency. Development of a state-of-the-art communications system and modern police facility are also among its many accomplishments. The Department offers a wide variety of special assignment positions: Motorcycle Officer, Court Officer, Juvenile Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, School Resources Officer, Investigator, Narcotics Officer, Field Training Officer, Canine Handler, U.S. Customs Task Force, Task Force for Regional Auto Theft Prevention (T.R.A.P.), Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), and L.A. Impact (Los Angeles County Wide Task Force).





Sergeant Rex Fowler is a 19 year veteran with the El Segundo Police Department (California).    Rex Fowler is the author of A Frangible Quest.  According to the book description, “Young Court Banister was a man who knew what he wanted. College, a coveted spot as a Marine Corps pilot, and a comfortable future in commercial aviation. His future was set, until fate intervenes.  Mike Daniels, a veteran police Lieutenant and family friend, sees the potential in Banister and recruits him away from the Corps for a career in law enforcement. A lifelong bond forms as Banister adapts to new opportunities in his life. A young man’s quest for significance in career and life is always frangible and subject to the unexpected whims of fate for himself and his friends.   Always at the mercy of basic human frailties and death.”

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