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In 1982, after attending Chabot College, Richard Paloma became a reserve deputy sheriff for Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.  Later, he joined the Newark Police Department (California) as a full-time police officer.  After fourteen years with the Newark Police Department, he decided to move to a department closer to his home in the Central California Valley.  He joined the Stockton Unified School District Police Department as a sergeant.  Richard Paloma has worked as field training officer, detective and field sergeant.  Richard Paloma is the author of The Beach Club and Brushed Back.

According to the book description of The Beach Club,  it “is fiction, but every principle scene in it is real. There are strong action scenes surrounded by equally strong scenes of police humor and wit. The novel is a frolic of maverick and freewheeling cops in their quest to identify and apprehend a sexual predator, internal challenges of morality and commitment as well as overcoming interference by department administrators

Officer Vincent Patrone, Detective Ray Depietro, and the rest of the Eden Valley Police swing shift are plunged into the midst of the pursuit for a serial rapist that plagues the California city. To compound matters, Lt. Alex Santos, a headhunting-backstabbing administrator who is pursuing the chief’s job, exploits the mishaps of the shift to use to his advantage. Despite Santos’ belief that the shift is out of control, they are actually a group of high performers who in the end, identify and capture the rapist.

Richard Paloma reveals a behind the scenes look at the dark humor and aggravations of being a uniformed police officer. He uses his years of experience as a patrol officer and police detective to capture the camaraderie, challenges, and internal politics within law enforcement today. The Beach Club will keep you entertained start to finish as you get to know the members of the Eden Valley Police Department.”

According to the book description of Brush Back, “"Dignity is best defined as how well you rise after you have fallen." Police Detective Gino Spinelli must rebuild his police career and credibility after he’s linked to the suicide of his ex-girlfriend. He escapes disciplinary action by taking a sergeant’s position with a nearby small suburban city. After a few months at his new department, Spinelli receives a late-night phone call informing him one of his fellow officers is accused of murdering his wife. Spinelli is assigned to monitor the case and takes the unfavorable position of the officer’s innocence.

He relies on his instincts, putting his career on the line and following leads to other potential suspects. Spinelli, who is no stranger to trouble and controversy, confronts obstacles to the case including the US Marshals Service protecting a federal witness, a stagnant and paranoid police chief, disputes with other police agencies, and technology advances he’s not equipped to understand. During his investigation, Spinelli whose self-described love life includes two ex-wives and a handful of past live-ins encounters his former high school sweetheart, Annie, and is tempted to rekindle the relationship. Will Gino solve the murder of Theresa Pucci, and seize this second chance with Annie, after the ‘Brush Back’ pitch life has thrown him?”

The Beach Club
Richard Paloma  More Info

Richard Paloma  More Info

About the Stockton Unified School District Police Department

Stockton Unified School District Police Department sworn personnel are sworn under California Penal Code section 830.32 and are peace officers with statutory powers of arrest anywhere in the state.

The Stockton Unified School District Police Department Currently has one Chief of Police, one lieutenant, (open position), three Sergeants, two corporals, fourteen Officers, (with the possibility of three more officer positions), one Reserve Officer, four Dispatchers, one part time Dispatcher, and one Fingerprint Clerk. The Stockton Unified School District Police Department provides services to over 37,000 students and has over 4,500 staff on nearly 60 locations spread over 55 square miles twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Stockton Unified School District Police Officers are some of the most qualified law enforcement officers in the region. As a California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), certified Police Department, the Stockton Unified School District Police Department complies with all POST guidelines required for POST certification. While SUSD Police officers not only meet the statewide certification for peace officers they also are required by state law to receive additional training which far exceeds many California state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies.




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