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Stacy Dittrich

About the Richland County Sheriff's Office 

The Richland County Sheriff’s Office has consists of 120 employees; including 52 deputy sheriff’s in various law enforcement function; 44 corrections personnel and over 20 civilian employees. Among the services provided by Richland County Sheriff’s Office are Detective Bureau; Critical Incident Stress Services; Transportation and Court Security; and, Allied Special Operation Response Team.


The Detective Bureau of the Richland County Sheriff’s Office “is a seven person unit, which follows up on potentially long term felony investigations. There is one sergeant assigned to Richland County Children Services, who handles sexual abuse and inter family sexual abuse cases. One detective is assigned to the Metrich Drug Task Force that consists of ten counties and still growing. There is one detective assigned to investigate juvenile complaints, and also handle the D.A.R.E. program in the county schools. We also have four detectives who work any other type of case from thefts to homicides which occur in the county that needs investigated. The Detective Bureau over the last three years has investigated an average of 584 cases per year. As the years go by it seems as if the cases are getting more complex, and take longer to investigate.”




Selected books written by law enforcement officials of the Richland County Sheriff's Office.


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