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Roanoke Police Department (Virginia)

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Richard Arrington

About the Roanoke Police Department

The Roanoke Police Department is organized into two large divisions: Operations Division and Services Division.  The Services division has sub-units such as crime analysis, forensic services unit, records and payroll.  The Operations Division has two main sub-units: Criminal Investigations Bureau and Patrol Bureau.


The Criminal Investigations Bureau of the Roanoke Police Department is made up of the Criminal Investigations Unit and the Vice/Organized Crime Unit. The Criminal Investigations Unit is made up of five squads of detectives.  Juvenile Crimes Detectives investigate all felony offenses committed both by and against juveniles.  Major Crimes Detectives investigate all major crimes against persons; that includes robbery, rape, murder, malicious wounding and suicide.  The Major Crimes Squad also includes a Cold Case Investigator, who re-opens old homicides yet unsolved.  The Property Crimes Squad investigates crimes against property, such as burglary and larceny.  This squad also includes Auto Theft Investigators.  The White Collar Crimes Squad investigates all crimes involving finances and identity theft.  This Squad includes Computer Crimes Detectives, who investigate any crimes committed over the computer, via the internet. 


The Vice/Organized Crime Unit of the Roanoke Police Department (Virginia) consists of undercover officers who investigate illegal narcotics, prostitution and ABC violations.  One detective from the unit is assigned to serve on the regional Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) taskforce. 


The Patrol Bureau consists of the following units: Animal Control; DARE/SRO; Hit and Run; Mounted Patrol; Parking Enforcement; Patrol Officers; and, Uniform Support (which includes Crime Prevention, K-9, Power Shift, Street Crimes and Warrant Service)





Selected book from a Roanoke Police Department police officer.

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