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Combat Focus Shooting
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The Training Log Book
Rob Pincus  More Info

According to the book description of The Training Log Book, “This hardcover log book has space for over 50 training events to be recorded in great detail. The book also features over 25 collected essays from some of the top Instructors in the world on the topic of training. These essays contain valuable information for those interested in, attending or evaluating a training course or their own training regimen. With spaces for all of the important data you should record for any defensive or tactical training event including Instructor, Location, Dates, Topics Covered, Classmate Contact Information and Equipment Used. There is also a full page space available for notes, diagrams or pictures from each event recorded. Training events that can be recorded are almost limitless, including firearms courses, martial arts training, trade events attended, training conferences, private practice sessions and even related books or videos purchased and watched. The Training Log Book will become a cherished record or your training and development.”

About the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency that provides patrol, investigative and correctional services.  Additionally, they provide a number of specialized services such as county-wide dispatch, search and rescue and reserve deputy sheriff program.

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, “The Communications and Corrections section provide for security and care of inmates in the Sheriffs Office modern 34 bed detention facility. It is staffed by 4 Certified Colorado Peace Officers and 11 Communications and Corrections Specialist deputies (CCS). The deputies assigned to this section also provide 24 hour emergency communications for the entire county. They dispatch for 1 police department, 2 fire departments, 1 ambulance crews, two medical clinics and the Sheriff's Office.

The San Miguel County Search and Rescue covers approximately 1200 square mile ranging from high desert at an altitude of 5,000 ft to high alpine at an altitude in excess of 14,000 ft. SAR covers everything from lost hikers, technical rock rescues helicopter extractions, and avalanche rescues.”

The Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program is a volunteer organization of individuals who provide the Sheriff’s Office with additional law enforcement resources to better serve the citizens of San Miguel. A Reserve Deputy Sheriff has peace officer powers while on duty, in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado. The Sheriff has a role as the executive branch of the District and County Courts, and is required by law to serve civil and criminal process and to execute writs and orders from these courts.”

Rob Pincus is currently a deputy sheriff with the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office (Colorado) where is he is a training officer.  He has also worked in the private industry since 2001. In addition to being the Director of Operation for the Valhalla Shooting Club and Training Center he is a staff writer for SWAT Magazine and has contributed to many other publications including Tactical Response, Law & Order and Gun World magazines.  Rob Pincus is a life member of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America and is a graduate of The Military College of Vermont.  Rob Pincus is the author of Combat Focus Shooting.


According to the book description of Combat Focus Shooting, “Praised by experts and students alike for his practical approach to intuitive shooting techniques, Rob Pincus has brought his program into a skillfully written dialogue featuring sections including: Working with what the body does naturally, Background and Philosophy of Combat Focus Shooting, Combat (or Defensive) Accuracy, Combat Focus Range Drills, The Critical Incident Reload, Volume of Fire, and The Balance of Speed and Precision. Pincus' book covers the content and underlying principles of the revolutionary Combat Focus Shooting Course in their entirety. Combat Focus Shooting is the intuitive shooting program that is designed to work with what the body and mind do naturally during a dynamic critical incident. This program helps the shooter to learn the "Balance Between Speed & Precision" and use either sighted or unsighted fire as appropriate to get combat-accurate hits efficiently during a lethal force encounter. Pincus' Combat Focus Shooting program has been incorporated into law enforcement and military training programs across the country and has been taught to security and police officers, military special operations personnel and instructors from around the world. In addition to these armed professionals, hundreds of self-defense students and beginner shooters are taught how to be safer through more efficient shooting in the Combat Focus courses every year, both at Valhalla Training Center and other locations.”


According to James Yeager, Tactical Response, “This book goes into easy to understand detail about the human response to threat and how every single physical and mental reaction has an effect on your shooting. If you took out every aspect of Combat Focus from this book it would still be a great book for anyone who carries a gun. There is a short piece on being a Warrior Expert and what that means that was good reading. Overall the parts in the book about what the body does naturally under stress are the parts I really enjoyed and they are sewn into virtually every paragraph. I do not agree with everything I read in any book and this one is no exception. What is different about this book is that I do agree with so much of it. Rob is a good writer that can really articulate his points. The chapter on grip and trigger control is worth the price of admission alone and the variety of drills in the book to allow you to try the technique out are explained in easy to understand detail.”

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