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Robert Dent is a 29 year law enforcement veteran and a recently retired Oregon State Police Senior Trooper. He has served in the Criminal, Narcotic and Patrol divisions of the Oregon State Police and is the Founder and President of the Constable Group, Inc. which is a privately held corporation that conducts training seminars and publishes language and communication training manuals, videos and educational materials for public safety and educational facilities, as well as private companies and corporations involved with executive protection, counter-terrorism and industrial security.  He is also the author of: The Complete Spanish Field Reference Manual for Public Safety Professionals; The Multi-Lingual Field Manual for Public Safety Professionals; and, Silent Universal Signals for Public Safety and Education Professionals.  He is also the co-author of 18 Silent Universal Signals for School Safety.

According to one reader of The Complete Spanish Field Reference Manual for Public Safety Professionals, “I reviewed probably all available Spanish English reference manuals for police officers before ordering Trooper Dents Manual. It is head and shoulders above the others. It’s easy to read with all the phrases Police officers need. As a police Sgt. I use the manual at my briefings to teach my officers what I call survival Spanish. Teaching simple commands like "Manos Ariba" (Hands up) can be a life saver at a car stop. The book also comes with several audio tapes I listen to in the car which helps me verify my pronunciations are correct. A copy of this book should be in every police station across the country.”

The multi-lingual field manual for public safety professionals
Robert L Dent  More Info
The complete Spanish field reference manual for public safety professionals
Robert L Dent  More Info

About the Oregon State Police

The State Police organization was designed by a committee appointed by Governor Julius L. Meier, who had made a survey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Texas Rangers, the State Police of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other states that had been highly successful. Governor Meier incorporated the best features of these agencies into the Department of Oregon State Police.


The Senate passed the bill creating the Oregon State Police on February 25, 1931, and the House approved it on March 1, l931. The first Superintendent of the State Police was Charles P. Pray, State Parole Officer and a former Department of Justice Agent.  His appointment was effective June 7, l93l.  Mr. Pray, upon creation of the Department of State Police, announced its objective to be "dignified and courteous law enforcement service devoted to the needs of the public."  This concept has not changed throughout the years.


The department is organized into three bureaus: Intergovernmental Services Bureau, Bureau of Investigations, and Central Operations Command. Some of the agency's specialized programs and services include: transportation safety; major crime investigations; forensic services including DNA identification, automated fingerprint identification, and computerized criminal history files; drug investigation; fish and wildlife enforcement; gambling enforcement and regulation; state emergency response coordination; state Fire Marshal Service and Conflagration Act coordination; statewide Law Enforcement Data System; coordination of federal grants for public safety issues; coordination of Criminal Justice Information Standards; medical examiner services; Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), and serves as the point of contact to the National Office of Homeland Security.




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