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Robert D. Emerson

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Dancing With Devils
Robert D. Emerson  More Info

About the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations is primarily known for its role in assisting local law enforcement with criminal investigations. Their personnel work closely with local police and Sheriffs, other state investigative agencies, and federal authorities. Each unit within the Bureau uses state-of-the-art technology to investigate, analyze, identify and apprehend criminals.


The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations assists local law enforcement with a wide variety of investigations, including homicides, missing persons cases, robberies, and property crimes. However, involvement in these cases is limited to the request of the local department that maintains original jurisdiction over the case. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations has statewide jurisdiction and also assists other state agencies in the apprehension of criminals.


While most North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations cases are initiated at the request of local law enforcement, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations does have original jurisdiction in the following types of investigations: Drug Investigations

Arson Investigations; Election Laws; Child Sexual Abuse in Day Care Centers; Theft and Misuse of State Property; and, Computer Crime Investigations That Involve Crimes Against Children.





Robert D. Emerson entered the United States Army in 1953.  His lengthy law enforcement career began when he worked as a Special Agent for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).  In 1957, after leaving the ONI he joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  In 1963, he joined the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations.  He left the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations to enter the realm of private corporate security.  Robert Emerson is the author of Dancing with Devils.


According to one reader/reviewer of Dancing with Devils, Emerson's series of law enforcement "tales" presents an interesting weave of the inner thoughts of man who was "born" into law enforcement and made law enforcement his vocation and his passion. I was reared in Chatham County, North Carolina and grew up under the jurisdiction of the author's father, the long term Sheriff of Chatham County, John Emerson. Many stories still circulate of the integrity and ability of Sheriff Emerson. The author obviously carried the integrity and "savvy" of his father into his interesting career. The book is well written and fun to read for any person that is interested in law enforcement and stories of personal integrity. A great sequel to this book would be a similarly written biography of the author's father.”

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