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Robert Morrill

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Robert Morrill began his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff for the Santa Barbara County in the 1960s.  He retired from the Monterey Park Police Department. After his California law enforcement career, he later lived in Texas, where he served as a Probation Officer and a Texas Security Threat Group Coordinator.


Robert Morrill is one of the four members who started the California Prison Gang Task Force in 1972, and his connections with those in the penal system are extensive. His experiences were so vast the he is regularly called to speak to various groups on the book and other topics of related interest. Robert Morrill holds a life membership in the International Latino Gang Investigators Association, among other law enforcement groups. He is the author of The Mexican Mafia, The Story.


According to the book description of The Mexican Mafia, The Story, “This book was gleaned from more than 3 decades of personal experience and stories from those inside the Mexican Mafia. The book allows the reader to trace back in time when this insidious gang had it's start in 1957 at the Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy, California and brings them to the end of 2005.  Learn from first-hand accounts how this gang started and evolved into one of the most powerful prison gangs in the nation.”


About the Monterey Park Police Department 

The Monterey Park Police Department is a full service police agency consisting of 82 sworn police officers and 50 civilian personnel.  The Monterey Park Police Department is additionally supported by over 150 community volunteers through the Police Reserves, Emergency Communications, Citizen Patrol, Explorer programs, and other civilian volunteers.


The majority of the police officers employed by the Monterey Park Police Department are assigned to the Patrol Bureau which provides basic police services to the community. These are the officers with whom the public is most likely to come in contact. They respond to emergencies, alarms, reports of crimes, calls for service, and provide traffic enforcement. Services provided range from preliminary investigations of major crimes, to complaints of barking dogs. The police officers of the Monterey Park Police Department provide these services 24-hours a day, 7-days-a-week. Officers are responsible for patrolling assigned areas of the City, enforcing laws, monitoring special problems, and maintaining a high level of quality service as expected by the community.

Like most other municipal police departments, the Monterey Park Police Department has an Investigations Bureau which is divided into two sections: regular detective staff and the Crime Impact Team. The Investigations Bureau Commander is responsible for managing the bureau's operations. The Investigations Bureau Commander is also responsible for all evidence/property maintained on police cases in the Evidence Bureau.


Two Sergeants are assigned to assist the Bureau Commander as first-line supervisors. One Sergeant is assigned to the regular detective staff and another Sergeant is assigned to operate the Crime Impact Team.


The Investigations Bureau is responsible for the investigation of all felony and misdemeanor complaints which come within its jurisdiction. Investigators apprehend, interrogate, and process all persons arrested for these offenses, maintain a liaison with the District Attorney’s office, and effect the recovery of stolen property. The Investigations Bureau is also charged with the investigation of various non-criminal matters, including missing persons, business and liquor applications, matters wherein an investigation would be beneficial to public welfare, or required by statute. 


The Crime Impact Team is a task force assembled and designed to specifically address major crime problems in the community. It is responsible for the investigation of narcotics and vice crimes, gang-related crimes, and major crimes. The Team serves as the repository for criminal intelligence data and may assist both the Investigations Bureau and the Field Services Bureau in their primary police responsibilities.




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