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Robert Sadler, “private investigator and security consultant, Vietnam veteran and former Dallas Police Officer, , is a novelist-essayist-poet-artist and photographer.  As a cop he played an instrumental roll in the capture of a Dallas serial rapist who was responsible for more than seventy offenses.  As Division Crime Analyst, it was Robert’s initial analysis of the crime reports that led to a three-year, dogged pursuit of the man the newspapers called “The Friendly Burglar Rapist.”  Along with his partner, Thomas H. Covington, Jr., the two men tracked thousands of leads and pursued innovative avenues to, in the end, predict where the FBR would strike next.  When Robert and Tom finally convinced enough police department brass of the value of their case knowledge, a tactical team was directed to stakeout the specific area their system predicted.  A couple of nights later the FBR was captured.   As a Private Investigator, Robert has conducted investigations for a diverse group of clients from attorneys, individuals and mom-and-pop businesses to multinational corporations.

As an artist and photographer Robert’s works have been shown and sold across the country.  Having written over 3600 poems his award-winning poetry has been published in Listening to the Birth of Crystals, an international poetry anthology edited and published in England, and in The Raintown Review, [Editor: Pulitzer Prize Nominated Poet, Harvey Stanbrough]. Robert’s English translation of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s Spanish poem, “Volverán Las Oscuras Golondrinas”, appeared in the University of Texas at Dallas’ Sojourn – a journal of the arts Vol. 19 and his poem, GG’s Quilt was recently published in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s special “Quilt” issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities.

As a novelist, Robert has now written six novels.  He is writing his seventh in the series of novels that are subtitled: “from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates.”  Jamaica Moon was followed in publication by Judas Oracle in December 2009.  His third book in the series And… Never Again was released on November 10, 2010.  Next in the series is Innocent And Guilty and it is scheduled for future publication, a release date has not been announced.  Robert is also working on a true-crime novel based on the infamous Friendly Burglar Rapist case mentioned above.

An accomplished speaker, Robert has made presentations and conducted seminars across the country dealing with topics such as, asset protection, security and corporate investigations, in particular Mortgage Fraud, as well as sales and sales techniques. Robert is a Rotary past-president and Paul Harris Fellow.  He was recognized in a D MAGAZINE article (May 1986) as one of Dallas’ top-ten Private Investigators.

According to the book description of Innocent and Guilty, “Ian says: “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned . . .” Convicted murderer Ian Montaña, now ‘rehabilitated’, graduates from prison with advanced degrees in every facet of criminal enterprise. Two more murders behind him and back in Dallas, sporting an Irish accent and a new name: Dillon MacNun, he takes the vacant janitor’s job at Our Lady Of Guadalupe. His confession is only a prelude to murder, and more murder. Old ghosts pull Michael Grant into the multi-jurisdictional law enforcement race to put an end to a spree of multi-state priest murders. Among the hundreds of clues Michael has not yet figured out is that he is one of the priest-killer’s targets.”

According to the book description of Cry... Walk, Run!, “A shooting. A beheading. A terrorist cell leader in Dallas, using stolen information, has a devastating plan to neuter American response while orchestrating the deployment to U.S. cities of something deadly from the Philippines. The terrorist’s success means millions of Americans die! With the “9-11” anniversary only weeks away Michael recounts watching the survivors of the twin tower’s terrorist-attack, literally Cry... Walk, Run! from the disaster. Deeply affected Michael says ironically, “terrorism happens in New York and can’t happen in Dallas, right?” Another action-packed thriller! Michael Grant on the heels of the Weatherford shoot-out in "Innocent And Guilty" is on the trail of another killer in "Cry... Walk, Run!". If Michael can solve these murders and make sense of the international intrigue in his own backyard he may be able to prevent an impending cascade of viral destruction around the world! Spoiler Alert: With flu-season upon us... the chilling story of "Cry, Walk, Run!" will put you in a fever! Got your flu shot?”

According to the book description of The Murder Fever, “If it’s Texas, if it’s Dallas, if it’s hot, it must be summertime and everyone seems to have caught The Murder Fever — 6th book in the exciting series exposing the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates. The Murder Fever touches 12 cities in 9 countries. But not much is going on... just a little courtroom drama, deadly political intrigue, judicial malfeasance, kidnapping, torture, jury tampering, falsifying evidence, crooked electioneering, corrupt lawyers, and a despicable rapist turned serial killer who has part-time jobs as a printshop flunky, and contract killer. There’re homicide investigations, foreign intrigue, terrorists receiving hard justice, clandestine missions, black ops, affairs of the heart, wedding bells—and, of course, murder? Oh, and the characters you’ve come to love: Michael Grant, Tom Darrow, ADA Helen Atkins and Detective Jim Jamison, are in the middle of it all.”

According to the book description of Jamaica Moon, “Michael Grant is a Private Investigator with an ex-cop, secret black-ops past who takes on two run-of-the-mill missing persons investigations in Dallas only to find himself face to face with his and his client's ghosts in an urban jungle of lost love, sexual abuse, torture, rape, murder and revenge that follows him to the tropical Caribbean where these forces come together under the Jamaica Moon.”

One reader of Jamaica Moon said, “A true "page turner" from beginning to end. "Jamaica Moon" takes the reader on a wild action filled account of Private Investigator Michael Grant's tactical pursuit of a villian, who is the personification of pure evil. As the plot races forward around Dallas, TX and Jamaica, Grant and his loved ones also become the target of this pure evil techno-wizard. Once you begin, it is almost impossible to put down "Jamaica Moon". I look forward to more action and excitement from Michael Grant.”

According to the book description of And... Never Again: from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates, “Hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of animals and billions in property are at stake. And... Never Again, is the 3rd in the Michael Grant, PI, mystery/suspense series. Terry Dean Ballard, a young terrorist who killed 19 innocents in Texas before escaping Michael's grasp at the end of Judas Oracle, surfaces in Colorado bent on destruction. Ballard's Christmas day sabotage of area ski slopes and towns kills 67 bringing his death toll to eighty-six. Ballard, a young computer geek, finds he excels as a user, abuser and natural leader. He next focuses his cold careless fury on New Year's Eve. Leading a small gang of eco-terrorists, he plots his next debacle. Above, millions of acre feet of water, Below the dam, a town, a chemical munitions storage facility. Can Michael Grant and his team of 'agency' operatives stop the inevitable? How many more times can Michael Grant say: And... Never Again.”

One reader of And... Never Again: from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates, “I just read Robert J. Sadler's "And...Never Again" fairly quickly, because I couldn't put it down unless I had to. The story drew me in and after a short time had me living in the world of intrigue and action created through this work. Well-written, 'authentic' dialogue...and descriptions of situations and action that's realistic to the point to make me a part of the story. With this book, I found myself literally holding my breath turning certain pages and moving from one chapter to the next.  "And...Never Again" is a great stand-alone work; however, it IS the third in a series. So I now plan now to go back to the beginning and read Mr. Sadler's other two books (which were just delivered yesterday)"Jamaica Moon" and "Judas Oracle". I want to make sure I don't miss ANYTHING.”


According to the book description of One Step From Murder: The Friendly Burglar-Rapist, “This true crime story; don’t read it in bed! ONE STEP FROM MURDER: THE FRIENDLY BURGLAR-RAPIST, (FBR), a mild-mannered Dallas public relations executive by day, roving rapist by night, moves inexorably toward murder. Free to rape for over three years—was the FBR that smart, police that inept, or was the public that unconcerned? Revealed in the rapist’s, victims’ and cop’s own words is the, never before divulged, inside story chronicling the 82 offenses attributed to the FBR in the mid 1970‘s and how my partner and I, two veteran street cops, battled internal police politics while developing predictive crime analysis techniques and doggedly working to engineer the FBR’s capture. To women, the story of rape is never “old news”! ONE STEP FROM MURDER: THE FRIENDLY BURGLAR-RAPIST strongly appeals to adult women who want to know how rape happens; the red flags to watch for in hopes of preventing themselves from being a victim; want to delve into the rapist’s psyche; ponder how a man can leave his wife and family, night after night burglarizing apartments for women to rape; understand how his victims reacted, their thoughts; how they escaped or survived and compare these factors against their own female intuition and experience. Men are fascinated for many of the same reasons. This true crime story, though sad and chilling provides lessons that can be learned safely from your arm-chair or your airplane seat. Again, I caution against reading this book in bed.”

According to the book description of Judas Oracle, “What do stealth software, a bomb to kill the President, an escaped murder, and environmental terrorism have in common? The Judas Oracle! Judas Oracle picks up where Jamaica Moon left off. SPOILER ALERT: Following the murder trial of Stuart Marquis, Michael Grant and his Associates including, now ex Texas Ranger Sgt. Brice Wilbarger, search for an escaped felon and the elusive teen-aged terrorist Terry Dean Ballard. The story rushes from the streets of Dallas to the turquoise waters of the Grand Caymans and the snowy mountains of Colorado. All Michael Grant has to do is try to re-capture a billionaire fugitive and try to stop and capture a computer-genius from killing the President... and more.”

One reader of Judas Oracle said, “Many writers attempt to create a complex series of subplots in their work. Such a strategy can lend texture and interest to an otherwise simple narrative. Only a small percentage of such attempts are successful. Robert Sadler has succeeded beyond any measure. He weaves a complicated tale of multifaceted police work into a highly credible and entertaining series of subplots. Each subplot is masterfully handled in its own right and each then blends in with the overall theme of the book, creating a blockbuster ending to this phase of Michael Grant's latest case work. The author has clearly been in a learning mode as he pursued his various careers in police work, private investigative work, and time spent in Vietnam during that conflict. He shares those lessons with readers in this dramatically entertaining novel.”


About the Dallas Police Department

The Dallas Police Department has an authorized strength of nearly 3,000 sworn police officers and over 500 civilian personnel.  Most of the police officers of the Dallas Police Department work uniformed patrol in one of the six geographic divisions.  However, in addition to traditional detective roles, the Dallas Police Department maintains the following specialized unites: Criminal Investigations; Intelligence Unit; Narcotics & Vice Investigations; K-9; Traffic Enforcement; Community Relations; Mounted Patrol; SWAT; Recruiting; Explosive Ordinance Unit; Helicopters; Bicycle Squad; Motorcycles; and, Gang Unit.



The Tactical Division of the Dallas Police Department has one squad and two specialized units: Fugitive/Parole Squad; SWAT Operations Unit; and, Planning Unit. The Fugitive/Parole Squad apprehends persons wanted on felony, misdemeanor and parole violation arrest warrants. They serve local as well as other agencies’ warrants. The SWAT Operations Unit (of the DPD Tactical Division) maintains and issues the various equipment and supplies that tactical officers use in handling barricaded persons, hostage situations, and other special incidents. They maintain and operate the specialized vehicles used in these situations. The Planning Unit is tasked with planning security for special events such as the State Fair of Texas, the Cotton Bowl game, and various parades and celebrations occurring in the city. The Unit also oversees the plans for presidential and dignitary visits to Dallas.





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