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Robert R. Surgenor

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No Fear : A Police Officer's Perspective
Robert R. Surgenor  More Info

Robert R. Surgenor is a retired detective from the Berea Police Department (Ohio).  In 1987, he was one of the first police officers to mount a video camera in his police vehicle; and, in 1988 that camera captured one of the world’s first police chases.  In 1995, Robert Surgenor was assigned to the detective bureau and was placed in charge of the juvenile crime unit.  His extensive studies on juvenile crime, gangs, parental authority and discipline led to the writing of his book No Fear: A Police Officer’s Perspective.


He has made numerous television appearances supporting his position that “spanking is a necessary part of child rearing.”  As an example, he has appeared on MS-NBC, Fox News and other talk shows.  According to his website, “he continues to educate parents, police officers, prosecutors, and judges, about Ohio's Child Abuse laws and parental rights in raising children.”


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