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In 1982, Utah Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety Robert C. Wadman was appointed Chief of Police for Omaha Police Department (Nebraska).  He was the first chief of the Omaha Police Department that was appointed from outside the ranks. Robert Wadman served as chief until 1986.  Since 1997, Dr. Robert C. Wadman is a Professor Weber State University (Ogden, Utah).  He teaches criminal justice related courses such as: Introduction to Criminal Justice; Community Policing; Research Methods in Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Management; Drugs and Crime; and, Victimology.  Dr. Robert C. Wadman is the author of Law enforcement supervision: A case study approach; and the co-author of Community Policing and Crime Prevention in America and England and To Protect and to Serve: A History of Police in America.


According to the book description of To Protect and to Serve: A History of Police in America, “This readable book provides a comprehensive and detailed survey of the development of police organization, theory, and practice—and its role in American history. It examines how police have tried to maintain law and order in a democratic society, noting successes, failures, and continuing problems since the colonial period. Specific chapter topics cover police in Early America; the development of municipal policing in the Northeast; policing race and violence in the South; policing the American West; urbanization, progressivism, and police; the shift to police as profession; police and technology; leaders in the field, and policing to the 21st century. For police academy training programs and police department libraries, as well as law enforcement agencies and professional organizations.”

Community Policing and Crime Prevention in America and England
Robert C. Wadman  More Info

To Protect and to Serve: A History of Police in America
Robert C. Wadman  More Info
Law enforcement supervision: A case study approach (Criminal justice series)
Robert C Wadman  More Info
Rules and Regulations for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Robert C. Wadman  More Info

About the Omaha Police Department

On February 12, 1857 the City of Omaha was incorporated, three years after the first village had been laid out.  In March of that year J.A. Miller became the first city marshal for the city of Omaha. Today, the Omaha Police Department is a large metropolitan police department organized into a Police Services Division, Criminal Investigations Bureau and Uniformed Patrol Bureau.


The Omaha Police Department has an authorized strength of 797 sworn police officers and patrols an area of just over 118 square miles.  The uniformed patrol contingent of the Omaha Police Department operates out of four precincts: Northeast; Southeast; Northwest; and, Southwest. 


Like other urban police departments, the Omaha Police Department also has specialized units designed to deal with law enforcement and community problems associated with the jurisdiction, such as: Horse Patrol; Air Support Unit; Canine; Major Crimes Unit; Homicide; Gang Unit; Narcotics; Special Victims Unit; Neighborhood Services Unit; Traffic Enforcement; Emergency Response Unit/Bomb Unit; and, a Riverfront Patrol.




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