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Robert E. Yantorno, Jr. is a police sergeant with the Narberth Borough Police Department (Pennsylvania).  In 1980, after his military service, Robert Yantorno began his law enforcement career.  His law enforcement career was briefly interrupted between 1983 and 1985 when he fought as a professional boxer.  He is a motor officer, currently assigned as a patrol sergeant.  Robert E. Yantorno, Jr. is the author of Brutal Mercies and Tabulations in Blue.

According to his book, Brutal Mercies, explores “the secretive world of the police force and the intimate relationships that lie beneath are exposed as the reader finds themselves entrenched in a world of fear, pain, pride and despair.”

One reader of Brutal Mercies said, “A fast-paced, exciting and realistic look at a cop's view of the world. The main story revolves around the actions of and search for a demented killer, responsible for some grisly murders. But some of the best parts of the book explore the characters of two very different cops, one a middle-aged veteran who's seen it all, the other a female, Vietnamese-American rookie, dealing with prejudice from her fellow cops and opposition from her family over her chosen career. Unwilling partners, they respond to situations ranging from bizarre to comical to deadly. One criticism I would have is that sometimes the reader can becomes lost in the details, jargon, and large number of minor characters, also, some of the violence is very graphic. It is a raw perspective on a cop's world, with gore and humor closely intertwined.”

Another reader of Brutal Mercies said, “Though Brutal Mercies unfolds slowly, and at times unevenly, it sustains credible depictions of police work, life on the street, and the investigative process. There are no cookie cutter characters here, no formulaic story techniques. Instead, Yantorno, himself a police officer, fuels this tale with authentic dialogue, personalities and incidences. The cops are gritty but dedicated, jaded but focused. Characters taken from society's fringes are covered from varied perspectives, and as a result, evoke reader empathy in unexpected places. Even elements of the mundane, which are seldom captured in crime novels, are executed skillfully, believably, as if one were sitting quietly in the backseat of a patrol car just listening and observing the goings on.

This book embraces the darkest and most disturbing aspects of human nature. Still, it is not without its subtle humor and/or self-deprecating jabs at authority.  If you're a true follower of crime stories, lover of all things investigative, a police procedural junkie, this book should be on your shelf.”

Brutal Mercies
R.E. Yantorno Jr.  More Info

TABulations in Blue
R E Yantorno Jr  More Info

About the Narberth Police Department 

According to the Narberth Police Department, “Police protection is handled by elected or appointed constables with occasional assistance from Lower Merion Police Department for special events and emergencies. The following history tells of the beginning years of the Narberth Police Department.

April 12, 1914 - Police and Health Committee instructed to secure police protection for the Borough of Narberth. With this instruction, Narberth sought their first police officer. May 11, 1914 - The Police and Health Committee, with the assistance of Lower Merion Police Captain Donaghy and a resolution by Committee Chairman Smedley, set out to find a police officer with experience. At this time the thought was to possibly hire a retired officer from Philadelphia.

August 31, 1914 - The Police and Health Committee, with the recommendation of Police Captain Donaghy of the Lower Merion Police Department, appointed Mr. Daniel J. Hill or Camden, NJ police officer. The Borough of Narberth paid Mr. Hill a salary of $600 per year, paid monthly. March 13, 1922 - Agreement for support services with Lower Merion Police Department ratified.

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