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Roberta Nee Adams

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Roberta Nee Adams "is owner and president of Trinity Clinical Research LLC. In 1973, she was the first female dispatcher hired at the Shelbyville Police Department (Tennessee). She worked there for 3 1/2 years and then went to the Coffee County Consolidated Communications Center in neighboring Manchester, Tennessee, where we handled police, fire and ambulance for the whole county, 12 different departments total.  Eleven years later, when her children reached High School age, she returned to the Coffee County Communications Center for an additional four years."  Roberta Nee Adams is the author of Rebecca's Soliloquy: A True Story.

According to the book description of Rebecca's Soliloquy: A True Story, "Rebecca Moffatt finds a wounded Union officer on her familys farm and nurses him back to healthnot too remarkable, except that her husband is a Confederate officer away at war! Little does she know that her actions will set into motion a series of events that will see her making a journey of over 250 miles from Obion County, Tennessee, to St. Louis, Missouri. She travels mostly on foot with an older couple who were former slaves on the farm, an old horse, and a two-wheeled dogcart. Her mission is to get her wounded husband out of prison camp there and bring him home. But at what cost?


Though there are many volumes of well-documented facts about the Civil War, there are untold thousands of stories of individual struggles and courage of that time. Most are lost to history, but this one has survived, the story being told orally from generation to generation. This true story of grim determination, courage, and the strength of the bonds of love is so compelling that it has survived to be told 150 years later."

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