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About the Placer County Sheriff’s Department

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that provides basic and advanced law enforcement to the citizens of Placer County, California.   According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, “Patrol Division personnel are the first to respond to emergencies within the county. Patrol Deputies handle the enforcement of criminal and vehicle code regulations, and investigate misdemeanors and felony crimes. Patrol Deputies are also responsible for the enforcement of some of the County Code ordinances, including parking and snow removal violations.

The Patrol Division is staffed by approximately 120 uniformed officers and supervisors who provide 24-hour coverage through a three-shift system. Officers also work special assignments including Motorcycle patrol, Bicycle patrol, Snowmobile patrol, Helicopter Patrol, Marine patrol, Canine, Explosives Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.), Special Enforcement Team (SWAT) and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Patrol resources are directed to those areas of the County where specific crime trends are occurring. This type of directed patrol activity has resulted in the apprehension of numerous criminals. Twelve canine officers and their dogs are used for the search of suspects, missing persons and the location of evidence. Three of these canines specialize in narcotics detection.

The Investigations Division is staffed by approximately 30 Detectives, supervisors and personnel where crimes against persons, youth services, property crimes, and narcotics enforcement occur. 

The Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) is a small group of highly trained, specially equipped Deputies introduced into crisis situations to safely and efficiently resolve them. The purpose of the Special Enforcement Team is to assist Sheriff's Department personnel and allied agencies in high risk/crisis situations that occur throughout the county.  Originally formed in 1978 with six members, the team has grown to 19 members and continues to be a valuable asset to the Sheriff's Department in resolving high risk situations.  Although the team has several goals when activated, the primary goal is the safety of all persons involved.

The mission of the Special Enforcement Team varies from high risk search warrants, hostage situations, barricaded suspects, dignitary protection, crowd and riot control, terrorist group actions, assist county narcotics teams, and to assist patrol and investigations with situations they are not trained or equipped to handle.  The Special Enforcement Team is also available and frequently used for static displays at community functions, schools, fairs and other organizations.”

Rocky Warren is a retired Sergeant from the Placer County Sheriff's Department (California).   He has more than twenty-eight years of experience of law enforcement experience. As a former SWAT member, defensive tactics, impact weapon, firearms, and police use of force instructor he’s formed Warren Consulting to offer training and expert witness services. Rocky is currently on staff at two community colleges.

Rocky Warren is a court tested expert in use of force, choking, firearms and police practices. He’s a member of the Police Writer's Association and is the author of two published books; Behind the Badge: Real Stories from the Police Beat and Police Use of Force Case Law:  Instructor's Manual. 

Rocky Warren is also the co-author of Paradigm of the Moral Warrior with Lieutenant David Rose, Placer County Sheriff’s Department (ret.). Pulitzer Prize nominated author Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman (ret.) endorsed Paradigm of the Moral Warrior, saying, “The Paradigm of the Moral Warrior has the highest concentration of warrior wisdom I have ever found. Not just the remarkable, valuable and useful quotations, but the wise words of the authors will be of great service to warriors, (be they cops, soldiers or Marines) for many years to come. I will personally be mining nuggets (for my own writing) from this rich vein for many years to come.”

According to one reader of Behind the Badge: Real Stories from the Police Beat, “A realistic look into the life of law enforcement. I felt as though I was riding along in the car, right there through every story. The experiences the author has had is a good "heads-up" for those just starting out or those thinking of becoming involved in law enforcement. You see the good and the bad. As I read, I was laughing out loud one minute, and was taken aback the next. The use of pertinent quotes at the end of each chapter leaves something that stays on the mind, and gives food for thought. A definite treat for veterans and rookies alike.”

According to one reader of Police Use of Force Case Law Instructor Guide, “I am on the road training law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local level. This is the book that I recommend to all of my audiences as the primary source for law enforcement case law. To the best of my knowledge, this vital information cannot be found anywhere else. The information in this book can save agencies literally millions of dollars. This book is one of the best investments that can be made for: police agencies, attorneys in this field, or anyone training or studying in this field.”

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