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The Warrior's Mantra
Rodger Ruge  More Info

About the Santa Rosa Police Department

The Santa Rosa Police Department has 251 serve 154,000 residents in 40 square miles.  The Santa Rosa Police Department is organized into four units: Administrative; Field Services; Special Services; and Technical Services.


The Field Services Division of the Santa Rosa Police Department is managed by a police captain.  The police officers are organized into eight patrol teams which are divided among various beats.  Officers are assigned to a beat for six months at a time.  The patrol teams are managed by a lieutenant and staffed with sergeants, patrol officers, and field and evidence technicians.  Additional sections within the Field Services Division are: Trainers and Instructors; Canine Team; Traffic; Downtown Enforcement Team; Mounted Enforcement Team; Honor Guard; and, Field & Evidence Technicians.


The Special Services Division of the Santa Rosa Police Department has among its primary functions the follow-up of serious crime, support of field policing efforts and initiation of proactive enforcement programs. Division personnel are also assigned to five regional investigative task forces. The level of investigative activity required to manage current caseloads continues to increase and there has been an increase in reported serious crimes. Ongoing legislative mandates, societal expectations and law enforcement interests require that the investigation of crime be more thorough, complex and resource intensive than ever before.


The Special Services Division is comprised of two bureaus:  The Investigative Bureau and Support Bureau.  The Investigations Bureau of the Santa Rosa Police Department consists of the following: Violent Crime Investigations Team; Gang Crime Investigations Team; Property Crime/Narcotics Investigations Team; Graffiti Abatement Program; Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Investigations Team; Crime Suppression Team; and, Forensics Team.




In 2005, after 18 years of law enforcement service, Rodger Ruge retired from the Santa Rosa Police Department.  He started his own business, Ready Force Inc. Roger Ruge is the author of The Warrior's Mantra.  According to the book description, “The book teaches the ancient Eastern technique of mantras, or positive affirmations, as a means to improving one's warrior spirit and experiencing its life-altering power.”


One reader of The Warrior’s Mantra observed, “This slender volume takes little time to read, but offers an important new tool to those wanting to learn to focus their minds through meditative self-talk. Mantras are not new, but the idea of applying them to cops and soldiers is. Because Mr Ruge offers many mantras, he affords the reader a chance to discover which ones work best for him/her. If you can approach this with an open mind, it will be well worth your time.”

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