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Roger C. Bull has an eclectic life that provides a foundation of resources that he uses to craft his stories. He's worked with electronics since he was ten. Roger has written poetry during that same time. He attended three universities and graduated from LSU Law Enforcement Institute. He's studied biology, chemistry, physics, criminology, psychology and sociology. Roger is a retired sergeant of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. He is a master Ford salesman. He worked as a communications officer for the Daphne PD and Spanish Fort PD. He managed a Radio Shack store. Roger was an account manager for Stone Interiors. He wrote computer programs for accounting systems, databases, profiling software. He constructed his first microcomputer, a Heathkit 3400H, from chip level and taught himself binary, assembler , COBOL, Fortran, ADA, BASIC and other computer languages. Roger has been a journalist, editor for college and city newspapers. He's written novels since 2007. He is a computer consultant, author and proprietor of Southern Oaks Publishing, LLC.  Roger Bull is the author of Within the Heart and Soul, Legalized Crime, El Rey del Tiempo: It's Not What You Think, and The Thin Line of Good and Evil: The Beginning, Within the Temples: Bloodletting and, Tenuem - The Thin Line.

According to the book description of Within the Heart and Soul, "Life offers events, occurrences that exude expressions that motivate some to act, to communicate or to write about them. This is a collection of poems promoted by those motivators. It is a chronological evolution of Roger Bull's work from 1957 to mid-November 2011."

According to the book description of Legalized Crime, “In dire times, desperate actions tend to overrule the sanity of a society. When bad is good, and proper is shameful, laws change to fit the mores of the times. Drastic actions become commonly accepted to return sanity to a populace gone wild.

Presidential candidate, Martin Talbot, proposed one solution to stabilize the nation's depressed economy and, at the same time, to reduce the violent crime rate. The answer: the Economic Recovery and Crime Reduction Act. The news media dubbed it the Legalized Crime bill. Included in the act is a new process for executing criminals with a history of violent crimes: nexecution. Antagonists call it legalized murder."

 According to the book description of El Rey del Tiempo:  It's Not What You Think, "Death approaches quickly. Falling at 120 m.p.h. from an altitude of five miles high, the Special Forces Major signals to his troops to “stay tight.”

He receives thumbs-up signs from each member. After this H.A.L.O. (high altitude - low opening) jump, they reach their designated altitude and deploy their chutes.
They land in a discrete area about one half mile from the target-area, as planned.
Once on the ground, as they remove their jump gear, including oxygen masks and mini-tanks, they converse to relieve the stress, yet they remain focused on the goal of the mission.

Major, “There’s nothing like dropping in unexpectedly for dinner! Is there, ladies?”
“You ought to know, Major. Was that Billy Bob who came home too soon to find his wife and you after that last mission?”
“Now, don’t be gettin’ insubordinate with me. I can rattle off 100 stories for every one of you girlie-boys,” the Major protests with a smile. Just another assignment earmarked by the Commander-In-Chief, they carry out their missions, no matter the task. “What’s a guy or a gal got to do for lunch money these days?”
“We don’t get paid nothing, Major. But, look at all the fun we have!”
“Who we gonna kill this time, Major?” asks one of the soldiers.
“Depends on what they do, Sergeant. Might have to kill ours and theirs,” the Major replies, frankly."

According to the book description of The Thin Line of Good and Evil, "Detective Dante Nuzzollilo asks his senior partner, Detective Sergeant August De Noux, "Why do people do what they do? How can people be so warm, generous, considerate one moment then be so deceitful, thieving or murderous the next?"

"Gus," De Noux explains to his rookie partner, "God gave mankind the freedom of choice, free will, to do good or evil. Mankind has chosen to relentlessly exercise both choices."

According to the book description of Life Within the Temples: Bloodletting, it "throws a Crescent City wrench into the NOPD. Radical Islamic extremists strike The City That Care Forgot: The Big Easy. Spies, terrorists, moles mixed with ancient battles between religions, cultures. It’s a bloody conflict that the NOPD Homicide Task Force was ill-prepared to fight..., but, who’s stopping them?"

According to the book description of Tenuem - The Thin Line, "Detective Sergeant August “Gus” De Noux proposes that priorities rule Life. People base their choices upon those orders of importance. He knows that Life presents him with his next choice. How will he decide? What will result from his choice?

His detective partner, Dante Nuzzollilo, faces his next consideration, based upon Gus’ choice. Dante confronts the fork in the road."



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