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Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse
Rollie Powell  More Info

About the Rutland City Police Department

The Rutland City Police Department is organized into the Office of the Chief of Police, Support Services Division; Administrative Services; Bureau of Criminal Investigations; and Patrol Unit.  The Patrol Unit is commanded by a Lieutenant who is assisted by four sergeants.


The Rutland City Police Department Bureau of Criminal Investigations is responsible for handling the most serious crimes, such as armed robbery, rape, homicide and other untimely death cases.  These types of cases are usually considered long term investigations.  The Records Unit of the Rutland Police Department is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and storage of all reports investigated and generated by the Rutland City Police Department.  The primary function of the Records Unit is to aide the officers enabling them to operate as efficiently as possible on a day-to-day basis while maintaining records in an organized and easily accessible location and manner.


Rollie Powell is a retired detective from the Rutland City Police Department (Vermont). He is the author of Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse.  According to the book description, it “is the story of Rollie Powell's ten-year personal war against child sexual abuse, against the indifference and social denial that allows this crime to exist and grow at an alarming rate. As a detective with Rutland's Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Vermont he offers a full view of the issues from someone who has been on the frontlines - of the perpetrators, the victims, their families, the overloaded justice system and the public media reactions.”


According to one reader of Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse, “As the mother of two young children, I recommend this book to every parent. I also believe that anyone working with children (teachers, social workers, law enforcement, camp counselors, baysitters)MUST read this book! You could help protect a child. Anyone interested in true crime books will also find this book fascinating. Not only was I quickly educated on what pedophilia and child sexual abuse are, I realized how big a problem this really is, and how quickly is 'spreads' like a disease. More importantly, I learned about the warning signs of abuse and realized I saw some of those signs in my own children. A closer look at my own kids revealed serious problems in their daycare and I removed them immediately.”


Rollie Powell’s book offers to appendices: Prevention Guide and Resource Guide. “In the Prevention Guide, Powell offers techniques and methods for prevention through educating children, recognizing signs of abuse in children, providing love and support and getting professional help. The Resource Guide is a list of associations, organizations, state agencies and web sites, offering support and information.”


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