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Ron De Laby

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Sergeant Ron De Laby, Riverside Police Department (ret.) “served in the Uniformed Patrol Division, Traffic Division, Communications, Personnel and Training and the Detective Division. He instructed at the basic and advanced academies and was a principal instructor in the Advanced Officer Survival courses. He holds POST advanced and Supervisory Certification. Ron De Laby graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. He has done post-graduate work in Psychology at the University of California, Riverside.

Ron De Laby served with both the California and Georgia State Defense Force, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was awarded the Georgia Department of Defense Commendation Medal. He is a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Command and General Staff College. He held the position of Flotilla Commander of the Lake Lanier Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 2-6, Division Chief with the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection "M" Department of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in Washington, D.C., and is currently working with the United States Coast Guard Academy youth admissions’ programs. He has been awarded the United States Coast Guard Achievement Medal, the United States Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation medal (X3), and the Flotilla Youth Award (X3).


Ron De Laby moved to Georgia in 1993 and has been married to his wife, Janet for 33 years, they have four boys.  Ron De Laby is the author of The Butterfly Man and Boogie.


According to the book description of The Butterfly Man, “Alvin Simpleman was so bland he was nearly invisible. He wanted it that way. It allowed him to stalk his young female victims before kidnapping and murdering them. He had made a life’s study of his prey. He was now able to choose them from the crowded malls and follow them to their homes where he took them at will and introduced them to a fate too horrible to contemplate. The only evidence of his crimes were the small business cards received by their loved ones with a macabre announcement of the fate of the victim.


Riverside police detectives, Jon Moreland and Earl Smith had plenty of work of their own trying to keep the warring factions of the Riverside Crips and the Los Diablo’s Locos from each other’s throats. The introduction of Alvin and his evil to the citizens of Riverside was not something they needed to add to their busy lives. A fast paced novel of crime and punishment. Not for the squeamish.”


One reader of The Butterfly Man said, “Once I started the Butterfly Man, it held my attention completely. The characters are developed well and the story is fascinating. Necessarily, in a book about hunting a serial killer, some parts are not for the squeamish as the author is very good at detail. If you enjoy a book that gives insight to police work and their hunt for the evils that walk among us; this one is for you. The book was perfect for a couple of relaxing days while camping.”


One reader of The Butterfly Man said, “This book was excellent. Has murder, mystery, lots of laughs, and a hint of love interest. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Grisham or Wambaugh.”


One reader of The Butterfly Man said, “One of my all-time favorite police story books, makes you keep turning the pages as it is hard to put down. As an old time Joe Wambaugh fan, I find this book both more suspenseful with the right amount of humor. A definite "must buy.”


One reader of The Butterfly Man said, “Delaby completely blows Baldacci, Grisham, Wambaugh, Cook, Sheldon, et. al. away with this most gripping crime thriller. This is practically impossible to put down.  Ron Delaby is a a Master Storyteller and, as a true fan of criminal and psychological thrillers, I have to rate this book as best I've ever read in this genre. And I've read a heckuva lot. Looking forward to his next book! (Jon Moreland--main character in this story--really rocks)! And ALL characters richly developed and fascinating, as is the story itself.  Plot amazingly well-woven and nail-biting!! I'd rate this a TEN if the ratings went that high. Right now I am reading "Boogie" by this author--although not in the "criminal-action-thriller category, it is INCREDIBLY SWEET!”


One reader of The Butterfly Man said, “Butterfly Man is a riveting story that draws you into the fast-moving account of the life and thoughts of a serial killer as he practices and perfects his private ritual of torment. When a potential hero is introduced - the man who could bring to an end the torture and death - you find yourself devouring the story from the edge of your seat as you anticipate the best result and fear the worst.”

The Butterfly Man
Ron de Laby  More Info

Ron de Laby  More Info

According to the book description of Boogie, “Travis Bentley lived the uncomplicated life of an eleven-year-old boy growing up in 1950s San Antonio, Texas. When the new kid showed up at a summertime baseball game, little did Travis know his life was about to change forever. The new kid was mentally retarded, a condition he had lived with since birth. But even though he was different, Travis adopted him as a part time brother and their bond grew stronger with every day. The neighborhood bullies taunted the new kid because of his condition, calling him a Boogieman. The name stuck, and Boogie was born. When Boogie’s sister, Karen entered the picture, Travis accepted her as just another girl to deal with. But Karen had plans of her own and Travis was the basis of those plans. Throughout the next several years the hometown group stayed together and experienced all of those things that become a part of moving on to adulthood. It wasn’t until later that the true meaning of their friendship revealed itself.


Boogie is a deeply moving and bittersweet story of a true friendship. It is a remembrance of a life and time gone by, the simple innocent sweetness of young love, and the trial of growing up. It is a novel about life.”


One reader of Boogie said, “This is a nostalgic book about a more wholesome, innocent and much sweeter time. The characters are so loveable--you just want to read and read and wish the book would never end. Travis, Karen, Boogie and their friends are incredible. Their adventures are non-stop, engrossing and wholly laced with love, respect, innocence, courage and hope. The ending is amazingly surprising and up-lifting. I sincerely hope there'll be a sequel--This is a story that will be loved and enjoyed by ALL ages.


One reader of Boogie said, “This is a story with a mountain of "nostalgia" value in the details. You follow the tale of teens growing up in a slower, more laid-back era: learning about sportsmanship and friendship, loyalty and love. The surprise ending cements the notion that they "got it" and were infinitely better people for having spent this time together.”


One reader of Boogie said, “I cried through a lot of this book. Very, very good. Has laughs also. Travis is what we all want our children to be like.”

About the Riverside Police DepartmentThe Riverside Police Department was founded in 1896 and has grown from a small frontier town police force to a large metropolitan police department with 345 sworn police employees and 206 non-sworn employees.  Our agency is renowned nationally for its leadership in creating innovative approaches to critical law enforcement situations.  Several tactics developed by the Riverside Police Department, such as the High-Risk or Felony Traffic Stop, have been adopted as the standard throughout the country. 

The department is a team-oriented agency that combines a close partnership with the community and a policy of enforcement oriented police work to build a stronger, safer city.  The Riverside Police Department strives to continue this tradition by looking for dedicated men and women to provide fresh ideas for the future.

Police Headquarters is located at 4102 Orange Street in downtown Riverside. The headquarters building houses the Office of the Chief of Police, Administrative Division (Personnel and Training), Records Bureau, Communications Bureau, the Emergency Operations Center. General and Special Investigations offices are located in other facilities in the east side of Riverside.  The Field Operations Division, General and Special Investigations, and Traffic Services are divided between our facilities at 8181 Lincoln Ave and 10540 Magnolia Avenue.



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