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Closely Watched Shadows: A Profile of the Hunter and the Hunted
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The Architecture of Creativity : Profiles Behind the Mask
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About the Beaverton Police Department 

The Beaverton Police Department is a full-service law enforcement organization that is managed in six divisions: Administration; Support Services; Field Services; Investigative Services; and, Community Policing.  Field Services includes patrol, which according to the Beaverton Police Department, “The individuals assigned to this important function are divided into four districts within two geographical sectors. Command officers provide oversight in each sector, and dayshift and nightshift lieutenants participate in daily operational decisions.

Officers are assigned to the same patrol area for extended periods of time, often working one sector for a year or longer. With strong neighborhood association committee participation, and the support of the community at large, this district assignment philosophy allows officers to assume an integral role in solving problems and addressing livability issues within the city.

Officers continue to use neighborhood resource centers as workspace and citizen contact locations away from the main police station. This allows officers to maximize their time and maintain a constant presence within their district.

Aside from responding to dispatched calls for service, officers are encouraged and held accountable for true problem solving efforts - initiatives that make a significant impact upon the community. These efforts are tracked by project sheets, evaluation reports and, perhaps more importantly, citizen response cards.”

According to the Beaverton Police Department, “On November 16, 1995, the Beaverton Police Department became the first agency in Oregon to become accredited through the Washington Association Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC).  In so doing, the department joined an elite group of agencies that are similarly recognized for their professional excellence and commitment to quality customer service.  The Department was reaccredited through WASPC in 1995.  Since that time the Department has had to maintain the high standards as set by the association.”

Ron Turco is a police officer, forensic scientist and psychiatrist. He is also the author of two books on the psychology of creativity, one dealing with artists, the other on serial killers.


His book, Closely Watched Shadows, is a true crime murder mystery and a personal account of what it took to develop the psychological profile that helped convict Westley Allan Dodd of the murders of three young boys from Washington State. This book penetrates the mind of a pedophile and reveals the harrowing revulsion that drives the hunter, a sensitive man, to examine the dark corners of his soul. It describes Ron’s personal struggle to re-establish his sense of goodness and innocence.


Ron’s second book, The Architecture of Creativity–-Profiles Behind The Mask, uses the same methods of psychoanalysis to define the personalities of eight famous artists based on their artwork.  Ron is in private practice in clinical psychiatry and psychoanalysis in Portland, and is a member of the Beaverton Police Department.

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