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Ronald Pinkston

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A Police Officer That's What I'll Be!
Ronald Pinkston  More Info

About the Dallas Police Department

The Dallas Police Department has an authorized strength of nearly 3,000 sworn police officers and over 500 civilian personnel.  Most of the police officers of the Dallas Police Department work uniformed patrol in one of the six geographic divisions.  However, in addition to traditional detective roles, the Dallas Police Department maintains the following specialized unites: Criminal Investigations; Intelligence Unit; Narcotics & Vice Investigations; K-9; Traffic Enforcement; Community Relations; Mounted Patrol; SWAT; Recruiting; Explosive Ordinance Unit; Helicopters; Bicycle Squad; Motorcycles; and, Gang Unit.


The Tactical Division of the Dallas Police Department has one squad and two specialized units: Fugitive/Parole Squad; SWAT Operations Unit; and, Planning Unit. The Fugitive/Parole Squad apprehends persons wanted on felony, misdemeanor and parole violation arrest warrants. They serve local as well as other agencies’ warrants. The SWAT Operations Unit (of the DPD Tactical Division) maintains and issues the various equipment and supplies that tactical officers use in handling barricaded persons, hostage situations, and other special incidents. They maintain and operate the specialized vehicles used in these situations. The Planning Unit is tasked with planning security for special events such as the State Fair of Texas, the Cotton Bowl game, and various parades and celebrations occurring in the city. The Unit also oversees the plans for presidential and dignitary visits to Dallas.




Ronald Pinkston was a senior corporal for the Dallas Police Department.  He is the author of A Police Officer That's What I'll Be!  Ronald Pinkston’s book drives home the simple point that children can rely on police officers to help them when they are hurt, lost, or in danger. According to the book description, “this is a story of a little boy who continues to need help after he climbs up a tree and wonders what he would be. The boy later realizes what he wants to be after being helped throughout the day by police officers Garcia, Roper and Smith.”

According to one reader of A Police Officer That's What I'll Be!, “Young children need direction that enhances community service. This book provides us with a vision of how the occupation of a police officer is more than just protecting the public from criminals. The book provides a simple story that let's us know more about our community servants, the Police Officers.  The graphics are presented in such a way that it seems like a child may have had a hand in the design.”

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