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Richard Rosenthal

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Richard is the Chief of Police the Wellfleet Police Department, Massachusetts, a town located halfway between the "tip" and "elbow" of Cape Cod.   


Before becoming Chief of Police in Wellfleet, Chief Rosenthal spent twenty years in the New York Police Department, where he ran the Heavy Weapons and Undercover Weapons Training programs and, as a detective in the Bronx dealt with homicide, narcotics, and armed robbery. Before joining the NYPD, he worked for U.S. Air Force military intelligence as a Russian language specialist.  In addition to being the chief of police, he is the author of four books.  His latest book, published in 2000, is titled “Rookie Cop: Deep Undercover in the Jewish Defense League.”


According to Kirkus reviews, it is "a strange true tale of a Jewish NYPD cadet recruited into the department's elite intelligence unit to spy on the Jewish Defense League, offering vivid portraits of a politically incendiary era and revealing secrets of intrusive police tactics.  This is a well-tuned portrait of the stress and acrimony that permeates such radical cliques, and of the lonely, paranoid personalities at their centers - and it offers insights into the radically charged violence of the early 1970s. Rosenthal has a fine eye for human detail and a cop's mordant sensibility. Altogether an exciting tale of unusual police practices, and a solid portrait of a quintessential fringe radical group inhabiting insecure, volatile times.”


His other works include two books on policing, “Sky Cops: Stories from America’s Airborne Police” and “K-9 Cops;” and, one novel – “The Murder of Old Comrades.” According to the Wall Street Journal, his novel is "a spicy police procedural about KGB assassins on the loose in Manhattan.” 

According to the book description of K-9 Cops, it is “a collection of true cases from across the country explores the stories of the men and women who train, lead, and converse with the special canine helpers who assist in criminal investigations. Original.”

According to the book description of Sky Cops: Stories from America's Airborne Police, “A veteran of the NYPD Aviation Unit provides an insider's glimpse of the work of police airborne forces, detailing such exploits as the rescue of victims of the World Trade Center bombing, foiling an attack on the White House, and pursuing dangerous criminals.”

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Sky Cops: Stories from America's Airborne Police
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Rookie Cop: DeepUndercover in the Jewish Defense League
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About the Wellfleet Police Department

According to the Chief of Police of the Wellfleet Police Department, “The primary goal and mission of the Wellfleet Police Department is to serve and protect the citizens of the community. To the extent practical the department will incorporate modern state of the art technical and management techniques.

The demographics of our town is evolving. Since coming to my position in 1990 I’ve watched Wellfleet –and the rest of Cape Cod– change into a major retirement area. With the increase in the age of our population comes the need for additional services, mostly related to maintaining the quality of life and ensuring the comfort and well being of our citizens.

The number of people in town jumps from around 3,000 during the winter months to 20,000 residents and visitors in the summer. My department strives to keep people safe while permitting them the freedom to enjoy themselves as they wish. It is the department's goal to meet the needs of the community in the most efficient way possible. Thus, while performing the services asked of us members of my department must be mindful of Wellfleet's financial concerns.”

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