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Lieutenant Ross Koepp of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is the author of Culture Shock.  According to one reader/reviewer Culture Shock, “is the absorbing first person account of the investigation of the murder of Gisela Pfleger in the Californian San Jacinto Mountains. The perpetrator was an Asian youth whose family was in the process of trying to adjust to a new society and culture. The investigating officer shows the human side of his police work: long working hours, empathy with the victims, thoughts, feelings, and even tears on the long road to justice. That's what makes this book worth reading, the necessary toughness, which is tempered by sensibility. I am not really a reader of detective novels, but I enjoyed this one because it rings true.”

According to one reader, Culture Shock is an amazing book. Gisela Plefger, a German tourist, is murdered on a mountaintop in California. Her murderers are themselves from a distant land. Her husband, Klaus, is also shot and he makes a harrowing trip down the mountain for help. Sgt. Ross Koepp, the detective in charge of the investigation, takes us on a journey He leads us not only into the heart of the investigation, but into amazing speculations of the socio-political atmosphere that contributes to the local Asian community gang dynamic.

We know, from the preface of this book; a quotation from Simone Weil on the nature of ruthlessness, that this is no ordinary true crime book. Koepp's fast paced writing keeps us engaged as we follow the story from the woman's shocking death to the complex and lengthy investigation of the crime. This book is captivating and alive, the characters are well described and captured in all their humanity. This book will have the audience asking along with Sgt. Koepp, "Why?" and applauding his efforts at arriving at an understating of the nature of the roots this kind of senseless violence.

Culture Shock: Basesd on the True Story of the Murder of Gisela Pfleger
Ross R. Koepp  More Info

About the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency organized into three large entities:   Field Operations; Courts/Corrections; and, Administration.  All three are commanded by an assistant sheriff.  As a separate organizational function, the Riverside County Sheriff also acts as the County’s coroner.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, “The mission of the Corrections Division is to serve and protect the citizens of Riverside County and the State of California, by detaining the people under its supervision in a safe and secure environment, while providing for their humane care, custody and control. The Division will maximize opportunities for offenders to participate in programs that reduce criminal behavior and enhance the offender's reintegration into the community. This objective will be accomplished in a cost-effective manner in the least restrictive setting, without compromising public safety.”  Corrections is accomplished at five facilities Blythe Jail Facility; Indio Jail Facility; Robert Presley Detention Center; Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility; and, Southwest Detention Center.

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