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Ruben Benjamin Whittington was born and raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania. At the age of seventeen, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. During his enlistment, he spent a one year tour of duty in Vietnam as part of the U.S. build up during that war. He began his law enforcement career with the Norristown, Pennsylvania Police Department for four years before he moved to Los Angeles and joined the Los Angeles Police Department. He worked for LAPD for 21 years and retired at the rank of sergeant. Ruben also joined the California Army National Guard and the California Air National Guard. Ruben taught law enforcement for seven years to high school students at Los Altos and Workman High Schools under the direction of the La Puente Valley ROP.  Ruben Benjamin Whittington  was the victim of a homicide in 2004.  Ruben Benjamin Whittington is the author of Soldier: Behind the Badge and  Moonspinners, Viet Nam '65-'66.

According to the book description of Soldier: Behind the Badge, “The dual life of an American special agent, like that of James Bond, who disguises himself as a police officer and fights crime on the busy and dangerous streets of Los Angeles. Then, when his country needs him, his true identity is revealed and he becomes a secret CIA special agent in this action-packed novel set in today's treacherous and volatile world. For fun, Lance Kessler is a Los Angeles Police Officer, but his real profession is being a top-notch freelance agent for the CIA. He's the best the CIA has. But now Lance has crossed paths with a secret worldwide criminal organization known only as PHANTOM, and PHANTOM has decided that Lance needs to be eliminated.

Soldier: Behind the Badge
Ruben Benjamin Whittington  More Info
Moonspinners, Viet Nam '65-'66
Ruben Benjamin Whittington  More Info

According to one reader of Moonspinners, Viet Nam '65-'66, “I can't imagine why! This is a first-rate suspense novel set in scenic Crete. Stewart manages to make you feel through the written page that you are actually in Crete. The twists and turns in the novel will keep you guessing right until the end. I happened to get this book at a used bookstore, but I strongly feel that it should be reprinted.”

From the History of the Los Angeles Police Department (lapdonline.org)

"The Los Angeles City Guards," who, during their short-lived career, were attired in the City’s first official police uniform, succeeded the Rangers. Like the Rangers, their effectiveness was questionable. Murders were occurring at the rate of one a day, many resulting from differences of opinion voiced within the City’s 400 gambling halls.

Vigilante justice had been practiced since 1836. When Stephen C. Foster was Mayor in 1854, he resigned to lead a mob, which removed a notorious suspect from jail and proceeded to hang him. Foster was promptly reelected. Such was the tenor of the times.

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