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Paul W. Rubino is a retired captain with the Jersey City, New Jersey Police Department. During his twenty-eight year career he was assigned to various positions in the Operations Division, Investigations Division, The Narcotics Squad and The Special Investigations Unit. Paul W. Rubino has extensive supervisory and investigative experience and is certified by the State of New Jersey as an Instructor of law enforcement administration and procedures. He holds an Associate in Science Degree in Public & Social Services. Paul W. Rubino has also attended the National Intelligence Academy, The Organized Crime Centre, and the Police Command College at West Point Military Academy.  Captain Paul W. Rubino is the author of Body Parts and Justice Can Be Deadly.

According to the book description of Body Parts, it “is the shocking story of a sadistic serial killer and the man hunting him for justice. BODY PARTS provides insight into the daily stress endured by those charged with keeping order in an ever increasing violent society.”

According to the book Justice Can Be Deadly, “In the pursuit of justice, the line between good and evil is often blurred by emotions. Is there a gray area between justice and revenge?”

About the Jersey City Police Department

The Jersey City Police Department is organized into two large divisions: Operations Division and Support Services Division.  The Operations Division contains the functions of patrol, investigations and special operations.

The Patrol Bureau is commanded by a Police Inspector and divided into five geographic districts.  In addition to the patrol and investigations functions, the department has a number of specialized units such as the Emergency Services Unit.  According to the Jersey City Police Department, “The Emergency Services Unit is a multi-purpose unit of the Jersey City Police Department.  The unit provides numerous specialized services such as tactical entry teams, federally trained snipers, a fully equipped SCUBA team, and an FBI-trained Bomb Squad. The latest addition to the ESU is a new K-9 Unit which assists the Bomb Squad. Our tactical entry teams utilize automatic weapons, the latest technology in bullet-resistant body armor and shields, and high-tech heat sensing/night vision equipment. Our Bomb Squad, part of the New Jersey Render Safe Task Force, utilizes the latest robotic technology and equipment in the nation and can be dispatched to aid other departments anywhere in the state.”

The Jersey City Police Department said of their Canine Unit, in “January 1986 these two teams began patrolling the streets of the city.  In July of the same year, an additional two patrol teams graduated from the NYC K-9 Center and joined the JCPD K-9 Unit. The K-9 teams were eventually crossed trained as narcotic, explosive and arson detection canines. At its largest size the K-9 Unit had six teams.  During these years the K-9 Unit made over 300 felony type arrests, recovered large quantities of narcotics, seized drug dealers' cash and vehicles, assisted with searches for missing persons, became members of the Emergency Services Unit Tactical team, and presented Community Relations demonstrations to numerous groups within the City and County.  After the year 2000, the function of the K-9 Unit became solely scent detection.”

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