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Russel Langley "was born in rural Louisiana and grew up on a farm. He left Louisiana for the Air Force and adventures overseas. After serving 21 years both active duty and reserve, and having a career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Sutter County Sheriffs Department (California), he retired with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Russel Langley is a disabled combat veteran who turned to photography and writing as therapy for PTSD.  He holds a degree in English and has taught English and Criminal Justice at the college level. Most recently Russel Langley was the program chair for Criminal Justice at Kaplan College, Sacramento. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association."  Russel Langley is the author of Gunfighter: My Time in Hell.

According to the book description of Gunfighter: My Time in Hell, it "is the personal narrative of the author and his experience as a deputy sheriff who had to take a life to save his own. In this unique look the author takes you through the emotions of the gunfight stage by stage. He then explores the aftermath, developing PTSD, descending to the lowest point in his life, the actions of others to save his life, and his eventual slow ascent to recovery. This intense, emotionally charged book will take you places no other memoir has dared to go. It deals with the raw emotions of a man caught in a life and death struggle and what it took for him to survive."

About the Sutter County Sheriffs Department

In addition to operating the jail facility, "The Sheriff's Operations Division consists of the Patrol Unit, the Detective Unit, the Boat Patrol Unit, the Live Oak Contract Unit, and Evidence. The Sutter County Sheriff's Office patrol responsibility covers approximately 600 square miles of unincorporated area and approximately 4 square miles of unincorporated area. A Sheriff's primary responsibility is to maintain the county jail and its prisoners. The Sheriff also provides Coroner and Public Administrator functions for all areas in the County of Sutter. Sutter County Sheriff's Office also provides law enforcement services to the citizens who live in the unincorporated areas. Incorporated cities in a county normally have their own police department unless they contract with a city for law enforcement services. Under Contract, the Sutter County Sheriff's Office provides patrol services for the incorporated City of Live Oak and a portion of the City of Yuba City."

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