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The Hardening Of A Cop
David J. Rutter  More Info

About the Union Town Police Department

The Union Town Police Department is located at 80 N. Beeson Ave. in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The Union Town Police Department has a staff 10 patrol officers, 3 sergeants, 2 detectives, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, and 1 chief. They also staff a secretary, 10 non-sworn public safety aides and a volunteer police reserves unit. Their emergency vehicle apparatus includes 2 K-9 units, 4 cruisers, 1 patrol jeep, and 2 emergency standby units.

In 1987, David J. Rutter became a police officer for the Everson Police Department.  Later, he joined the Uniontown City Police Department in Pennsylvania.  David’s book, “The Hardening of a Cop,” records his personal struggle with the stress of policing.  Indeed, he recalled in an interview with the Daily Courier that one night in 2003, “when Rutter returned home from his shift, he walked into the house where his wife and two kids slept, went upstairs, peeled his clothes off, went into a bathroom, pulled a gun out of a safe, threw the gun's clip across the room so only one bullet would be in the chamber, placed the barrel of the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger.”  Rutter’s life was spared because the firearm would not discharge without a seated magazine. 


Having reached a low point in his life, Rutter began to attend church as a way to find his old self. David J. Rutter donates a majority of the proceeds from his book to the National Police Memorial Fund. His intentions were to help prevent suicide among police officers and help the public understand that underneath a policeman's uniform is a human being.

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