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Sam Morton’s 12 year law enforcement career with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department (South Carolina) included assignments as a detective working robbery and homicide.  Sam Morton is the author of Disavowed.   And, the upcoming book Ramblings.


According to the book description of Disavowed, “armed with a new identity, Chandler, a disgraced ex-cop, takes on murderous white supremacists to win back his honor. In the process, he discovers it might cost him more than he's willing to pay. When an innocent woman is kidnapped, Mike battles time, the FBI, and the kidnappers themselves to save her life and his one chance at happiness.


He is soon reminded that life is never easy, as the people responsible, thinly veiled as a corporate "Board of Directors," are well-heeled, intelligent, and well financed. It will take more than government bureaucracy to bring them to justice. Heart-pumping action plunges Mike headlong into a nightmare of fear and intrigue. Will his wits be enough to save him, or will intolerance prevail.”


According to one reader/reviewer of Disavowed, “I picked up "Disavowed," carried it to the airport with me and started to read while waiting for my flight to take off. In no time at all, I was hooked. This is one truly intriguing story.  I'm usually a pretty friendly person. But I quickly found myself wanting to tell the woman next to me that I was really more interested in reading and not talking to her. I can't find any other books from Sam Morton, only short stories. But I'm looking forward to his next novel. If it's anything like this one, it will be a truly worthwhile read.”

According to another reader of Sam Morton’s Disavowed, “In Columbia, South Carolina Mike Chandler was forced to resign from the police in disgrace as IA blamed him for the Payne fiasco. Currently he works in the summer heat frying flounder at the Dixie Fish and Oyster Company. Attorney Henry Stearns hires Mike to find a missing person for his wealthy clients; they want Mike to locate missing amateur Civil War historian Parris Bennigan, who had been hired to help this group locate two million dollars in lost silver

Mike easily finds the missing professor in the Bahamas where he learns his clients are influential lethal white supremacists The Board of Directors. The next day Bennigan is assassinated. Back home, the FBI using a phony charge demands Mike help them by infiltrating the deadly BOD. With no choice Mike accepts the job of pretending to be a racist. His only contact is FBI psychologist Dr. Max Sheldon, who is "married" to Mike and pretends to be a mother of a five years old daughter. Mike knows he would risk his life to insure the females in his "family" stay alive from dangerous individuals who willingly kill non-white infants.

This gripping police procedural thriller hooks the audience from the opening horrific hospital prologue, picks up speed in the Bahamas and goes into hyper once Mike is forced to go undercover. Mike is a terrific honorable protagonist who gave away his dream to protect others and would die to insure his beloved females are safe, but perhaps the most fascinating character is a white supremacist Jason who provides insight into the belief of those who insist beauty is skin deep. Fans will root for Mike as he risks his life to destroy the powerful BOD.”

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About the Richland County Sheriff’s Department

The Richland County Sheriff's Department is built on the cornerstone of a rich and proud law enforcement tradition that spans over 200 years. The Department currently employs over 550 uniformed officers and 140 non-sworn personnel, making it one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the State.


The largest division in the Richland County Sheriff’s Department is the Uniform Division.  It consists of five units: Community Services; Regions (geographic patrol and investigation services); Special Operations; Special Services; and Warrants/Fugitives.


Within the Special Operations Units of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department is the Special Response Team (SRT).  The SRT “involves two dedicated seven-person teams.  A member of the Medic Team will accompany each entry team in high-risk operations or when deemed necessary by the SRT Commander.  The current members of the RCSD SRT have been trained to address barricaded suspects, hostage scenarios, high risk warrants, engage in active counter measures, crowd control, and hostile environmental situations.  All SRT operators are required to be Hazardous Material Technicians to better serve the populous in the ever-changing threats to our country.  All SRT operators are members of the Richland County COBRA (Chemical, Ordnance, Biological and Radiological) response team.  Because of the threat of explosives, chemical hazards or spills, or biological release, training has become paramount to be able to respond to these threats.  All operators must be cross-trained to be able to perform all duties in the entry team organization.”





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