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San Antonio Airport Police Department

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Aileen Christine Herndon

About the San Antonio Airport Police Department

The San Antonio International Airport Police Division is part of the Aviation Department for the City of San Antonio.  The Chief of the Airport Police answers to the Airport Operations and Facilities Management Assistant Aviation Director. According to the San Antonio Airport Police Department, “Airport construction presents additional challenges in the areas of safety and security. With added responsibilities, the Aviation Department’s Airport Police Division increased staffing from 58 to 65 in 2007 and stepped up patrols, incorporating the use of bicycles and Segways. Using this equipment allows for a quicker response to calls in areas not readily available to a patrol car, as well as improves the officer’s effectiveness in crime prevention/detection. During 2007, Airport Police responded to 8,004 calls for service.”

Selected book by a San Antonio Airport Police Department law enforcement official:

Battered Badge: First The Bruises, Then The Badge
Aileen Christine  More Info

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