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San Antonio Police Department (Texas)

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About the San Antonio Police Department

Today, the San Antonio Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that has an authorized strength of just over 2,000 sworn police officers. The San Antonio Police Department is primarily organized into two large bureaus: Operations and Support.


The Operations Bureau of the San Antonio Police Department contains the Patrol Division.  The Patrol Division is divided into the North and South Patrol.


The Support Bureau has entities such as the Investigations Division and Tactical Support Division. With in the Investigations Division, the Major Crimes Section “is divided into 6 Units : The Homicide Unit includes Homicide, Assault and Traffic investigations; the Sex Crimes Unit includes both a Sex Crimes and a Family Violence Detail; the Night Detectives Unit is responsible for investigations between 7 pm and 5 am; the Youth Crimes Unit includes the Missing Persons Detail and Youth Crimes Detail; the Financial Crimes Unit includes Forgery and Fraud investigations; and the Evidence Unit is responsible for collecting all crime scene evidence.”


The Tactical Support Division of the San Antonio Police Department contains a Tactical Response Unit, Special Operations, Traffic Section and Crime Detection Section.  The Crime Detection Section “has administrative responsibilities for units that investigate Property, Vehicle Theft, Vice and Narcotics offenses, identify, target, and arrest Repeat Offenders, and provide Electronic Surveillance support.”



Selected books by San Antonio Police Department police officers.

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