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San Miguel County Sheriff's Office (Colorado)

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Rob Pincus

About the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency that provides patrol, investigative and correctional services.  Additionally, they provide a number of specialized services such as county-wide dispatch, search and rescue and reserve deputy sheriff program.

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, “The Communications and Corrections section provide for security and care of inmates in the Sheriffs Office modern 34 bed detention facility. It is staffed by 4 Certified Colorado Peace Officers and 11 Communications and Corrections Specialist deputies (CCS). The deputies assigned to this section also provide 24 hour emergency communications for the entire county. They dispatch for 1 police department, 2 fire departments, 1 ambulance crews, two medical clinics and the Sheriff's Office.

The San Miguel County Search and Rescue covers approximately 1200 square mile ranging from high desert at an altitude of 5,000 ft to high alpine at an altitude in excess of 14,000 ft. SAR covers everything from lost hikers, technical rock rescues helicopter extractions, and avalanche rescues.”

Selected book by a San Miguel County Sheriff's Office law enforcement official.

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