1822, in England, Sir Robert Peel accepted the post of Home Secretary.

A Concise History of American Policing
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Sanibel Island Police Department (Florida)

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John Butler

About the Sanibel Police Department

The Sanibel Police Department is organized into a command structure of: Chief of Police, Major, Operations Lieutenant, Shift Sergeants, police officers, dispatchers and other civilian employees.

According to the Sanibel Police Department, “The Operations Division is administered by the Operations Lieutenant who reports directly to the Major. The Operations Lieutenant is responsible for the following assignments: overall supervision of the Uniform Patrol Bureau, including Department scheduling, client billing; Neighborhood Watch program, Traffic Control Program, Police Dispatchers, Traffic Enforcement Program, F.T.O. Program, firearms training, special events, environmental programs (alligator and monitor lizard), and C.T.O. programs. The Operations Lieutenant will attend various meetings and functions as required by the Chief of Police or Police Major.

The City of Sanibel Police Department proactively patrols all roadways, waterways, and beaches with its available resources and enforces all local, State, and Federal laws and Ordinances. The Sanibel Police Department proactively communicates about crimes that target Sanibel residents and trends derived from analysis of crime statistics by alerting the public through press releases and other crime prevention strategies. The Sanibel Police Department maintains and protects the ecosystem for all inhabitants of Sanibel, including residents, workers, visitors, and the wildlife in the natural environment. In accordance with the Department's community policing philosophy, we respond 100 percent of the time for to and all requests for service and investigate every criminal act.”

Selected book by a Sanibel Island Police Department Police Officer.

Policing paradise: Sanibel Island
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