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Scott Shaw served 17 years with the Pocatello Police Department in Pocatello (Idaho). He went on to become the chief of police for the Preston Police Department (Idaho).  He has two decades experience in criminal profiling and interrogation techniques; he developed the Investigative Protocol for Sex Offence Investigations, currently used by numerous police departments.  His tenure as the chief of police, Preston Police Department, ended with his 2005 conviction on two felony counts.  He pled guilty to using public money for personal purposes and then lying about it under oath.


Scott Shaw a the co-author of Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James Wood.  According to Publisher’s Weekly, “Convicted and sentenced to death in 1993 for the kidnapping and murder of an 11-year-old Idaho girl, James Wood has been credited with at least 85 rapes, 185 robberies and dozens of murders. In this compelling if incomplete report, Birmingham News writer Adams, forensic psychologist Brooks-Mueller and former Pocatello PD investigator Shaw, who spearheaded the investigation, tell Wood's horrific story in straightforward language, evidently understanding that sensationalism would lessen the impact.”


According to one reader of Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James Wood, “This book chronicles some of the crimes of James Wood. He was a sociopath made more dangerous because he was so compulsive. Woods had talent as an artist and most of the time he was viewed as overly friendly. Too much so for some people that he met.

The real hero in the book was Scott Shaw, who connected with Woods well enough to ultimately get a confession and closure on the case of Jeralee Underwood, the 11 year old girl that was his last victim. Along the way, Shaw got confessions about another local rape that could have easily had the same end result as the Underwood case. Woods also confessed to a rape and attempted murder of another teen girl in the St. Louis area. He eventually solved more than 40 sex crimes and 180 armed robberies that were committed by Woods. Scott Shaw got a close look at the very twisted mind of an unusual type of killer.

Shaw's perception was instrumental when he linked the rape with the later murder and insisted the perpetrator was local, contradicting the profile by the F.B.I.  Some of James Wood's cousins broke the case with information that they provided to the police. This book is researched thoroughly and it is hard to put this down once you start reading it.”

Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James Wood
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About the Pocatello Police Department

The department has an authorized strength of approximately 90 sworn personnel and 36 non-sworn personnel.  It is organized into five divisions: Office of the Chief of Police; Patrol Division; Detective Division; Central Services, Community Services; and, Training and Recruitment.   The Patrol Division is the largest of the police divisions with a complement of 53 sworn officers.  Within the Patrol Division is a specialized Traffic Enforcement Unit consisting of two motorcycle officers and three patrol vehicle officers. This unit is specifically charged with selective traffic enforcement and accident investigation. The Patrol Division also has ten officers assigned to the Bicycle Patrol. Members of the Bicycle Patrol primarily work the Old Town Pocatello and Greenway areas. The Pocatello Police Department also has two specially trained police dogs that are assigned





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