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Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D. , Thibodaux Police Department (Louisiana), “continues to enjoy an exciting law enforcement career. In addition to working his way up from patrol deputy to spending twelve years working undercover narcotics and sixteen years in SWAT, Chief Silverii commanded every major criminal division for the nationally accredited Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Those lessons serve him today as he leads the City of Thibodaux’s team of innovative and devoted professionals.

Chief Scott Silverii is recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a national subject matter expert, and regularly teaches law enforcement executives the pioneering principles of data-driven approaches to crime and traffic safety. He was awarded NHTSA’s highest honor for public service for his work in highway traffic safety. Acknowledged for his commitment to research in the field of law enforcement, he was appointed to the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s prestigious Research Advisory Committee.

Chief Scott Silverii is committed to continuing education by progressing beyond his Bachelor of Arts from Nicholls State University and Master of Public Administration from the University of New Orleans (UNO). He earned a Ph.D. from UNO’s doctoral program in Urban Studies with a specialization in cultural anthropology. Chief Silverii’s doctoral dissertation is on the subcultural fragmentation of law enforcement’s special operations groups. He also serves as an adjunct college faculty member teaching government and criminal justice in an effort to support the next generation of intelligence-led law enforcement officers.”  Chief Scott Silverii is the author of A Darker Shade of Blue: From Public Servant to Professional Deviant; Policing's Special Operations Culture.


About the Thibodaux Police Department

According to the Thibodaux Police Department, it “continues their commitment to transparent and accountable policing. Crime data and proactive police activities affecting quality of life issues are made available to the public through our web-based data mapping application. “Our goal is the reduction of social harm.” says Chief of Police Scott Silverii. “Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is a priority.”

The new service also allows citizens to sign up for free email alerts, and anonymous crime-solving tips through their partnership with the Bayou Region Crime Stoppers. “Crime and officer-activity mapping, along with the implementation of the Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) ensures that the city’s police department maximizes the utilization of public resources in an efficient and effective manner.” Silverii added.”

According to the book description of A Darker Shade of Blue: From Public Servant to Professional Deviant; Policing's Special Operations Culture, “Policing's Special Operations Culture sneaks you behind the badge, revealing the mystique of police culture's "Thin Blue Line." Come on-duty, undercover and after hours as Chief Scott Silverii escorts you through a multi-year, cross-country examination into the fraternity of law enforcement. Ever wonder what it's like to join the force? Now you will discover what becoming a Brother of the Badge means, and the effects of belonging has on the actual people behind the shield. Becoming blue involves a powerful socialization process sometimes leading once ethical, by-the-book public servants into a secret subculture engaged in deviant behaviors bumping up to anti-social activities and criminalistic conduct. Chief Silverii is recruiting you for a first-in-a-lifetime mission. This highly decorated police veteran of over 22 years, spent 16 of those working in the SOG of undercover narcotics and SWAT. His sacrifices made in the SOG uniquely allows him access where no other researcher may go; Deep undercover to find officers evolving into the Darker Shades of Blue. Lock & Load, you with me?”

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