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Special Agent Mike Roche, United States Secret Service (ret.), “launched his law enforcement career in 1979, with the Little Rock Police Department. During his ten-years of service, he spent time assigned to patrol, street crimes and as a detective. In 1989, Mike Roche began his federal law enforcement career with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as an arson and explosives investigator.  In 1990, Mike Roche transferred to the U.S. Secret Service. His assignments included New Orleans, Miami, the Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division, as well as the Tampa Field Office. From 1999 until 2001, Mike Roche was the intelligence liaison to the FBI and CIA headquarters.  


Upon his arrival in Tampa in 2001, Mike Roche became the protective intelligence coordinator over all threat related investigations. In 2009, Mike became an adjunct instructor at St. Leo University on Threat Assessments of Physical Structures and Behavioral Threat Assessments of Mass Killers. In 2012, Mike Roche retired from the U.S. Secret Service, after serving twenty-two years.”  Mike Roche is the author of Mass Killers: How you Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike, Face 2 Face: Observation, Interviewing and Rapport Building Skills: an Ex-Secret Service Agent's Guide, The Blue Monster, Karma! and Coins of Death.

According to the book description of Mass Killers: How you Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike, “Mass killers erupt from the shadows and inflict carnage on innocent people attending, work, school or public events. The warning signs of these murderers' intentions are often blinking like neon billboards and are overlooked. This book examines the behavioral mindset of these assassins and will assist those seeking knowledge of how to stop these killers from murdering innocent people and the resulting psychological trauma associated from these horrific events.”


According to the book description of Face 2 Face: Observation, Interviewing and Rapport Building Skills: an Ex-Secret Service Agent's Guide, “Face 2 Face is the kind of book I wish had been available when I started my career. When it comes to learning how to enhance observations skills, read other people, and increase your rapport building, Mike Roche's book is masterful." Joe Navarro, author of the international best seller, What Every Body is Saying. Don’t you want to become your conversational partner's next best friend? Despite the deterioration of socialization in the community and the exponential acceleration of social media, people still desire human interaction. We crave warm conversations, deeper connections and stabile friendships. Employment, dating, business deals, and social gatherings depend upon Face 2 Face connections. Networking accounts for seventy percent of filling job vacancies, as well as the majority of business deals. We all desire a sense of belonging. Don’t you want to capitalize on every opportunity you have to meet someone Face 2 Face, so that you can make a difference in their life, as well as yours? We want relationships based upon trust and make the most of the first impressions, while striving for commonality with our conversational partners. Face 2 Face is a comprehensive guide to an integrative approach of interpersonal rapport building leveraged upon enhanced observation skills.”


According to the book description of The Blue Monster, “For Tampa Detective Kate Alexander, a call to the murder scene of a teenage girl rips at her heart. The killer is free due to an acquittal by Judge Judith Levy. In revenge of that verdict, the judge’s family is now the hunted. A seemingly isolated double homicide at a cheap motel leads Kate Alexander to focus on a psychotic and deranged suspect. In a cat and mouse game, the killer eludes capture as he seeks retribution against the judge. Kate places her own family in peril as she tracks the cunning criminal in a race against time. Enjoy a heart pumping emotional thrill ride as evil attempts to evade justice.”


According to the book description of Karma!, “Nikki Chambers has been dismissed from the popular clique in high school. As she becomes the target of an incessant bullying campaign, she finds hope and love with an unlikely ally, Rutland Jennings. They appear to be polar opposites, but as the story unfolds, they quickly realize that they both share romantic feelings towards each other. Nikki and Rutland team together to seek justice and solve a murder that comes full circle and results in unforeseen circumstances. Enjoy the heart-pounding thrill ride as thugs, bullies, parents and cops chase them on their journey of justice.”

According to the book description of Coins of Death, “A traffic stop turns deadly. The only clue left by the killers is a Nazi coin. While Detective Kate Alexander’s partner, Frank Duffy is sucked in to the emotional trauma of his wife’s battle with breast cancer, Kate must take the lead. Her investigation navigates through a murky field of dirty cops, a gold heist, lost treasure and interagency rivalries. Hang on, as you are propelled through fast-paced action mystery with a shocking ending.”

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