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By:  Elmer L. Snow, III


Together we wrote a chapter of life, me as your husband, you as my wife

As "one" we shared all of lifes pleasures, our moments together, nothing but treasures
Sitting together, talking for hours, each minute of time, were definitely ours

Then something happened in the midst of our love, you got a call, from God up above


No final good bye, or last minute kiss, no chance to say, how much I would miss

Your wonderful smile, your humor so keen, taken from me, could God be that mean

I sat and I cried, my faith I did doubt, dreaming at night would end with a shout

Why have you done this, taken my gal, she was my lover, my buddy, my pal


But then I thought with a smile toward above, God has not taken, but given his love

He was beside us the day that we met, a wonderful moment, Ill never forget

God kissed our cheeks when we said our vows, cherish the minutes, live for the nows

He left me with memories, a place in my heart, never a second, would we be apart


As long as I breathe, youll be still living, inside my heart complete with your giving

I wont see your face, but Ill be all right, youll be in my heart, asleep every night

Someday Ill join you; God has his plan, for every woman, for every man

Well meet at the gates of heaven above, well write a new chapter, of heaven and love


So now I must live, despite all the pain, Ill think of the future, and what I will gain

Heaven together, back with my bride, God will be there, hell stand at our side

For now Ill be patient, and Ill wait my turn, time will now help me, help me to learn

Youre in my heart replacing my sorrow, and you are still living, but living tomorrow



Elmer L. Snow, III is a retired Sergeant from the Prince Georges County, Maryland Police Department. During his career in law enforcement he was a recipient of the Police Officer of the Year Award, Chiefs Award for Valor, Police Officer of the Month Award, and 42 letters of Commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty. 

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