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A Letter To My Daddy

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                                                                    A Letter To My Daddy

You gave your daughter a very special gift that of a father's unconditional love. You did not unfairly judge me for my mistakes you taught me right from wrong.

You were always there for me no matter what. You taught me life is an exciting journey from the day we are born until we take that last breath.

We may be separated but one day St. Michael and St. Peter will come calling and we will be together again. I will fly on an eagle's wing to be with you and then we can cry tears of joy.

I do not know if I can ever make my heart not grieve for your loss. It's hard knowing how much I miss you now - you will live in my heart and memories forever.

You worried I would hide like a lone wolf with your passing. But it is that line I walk that lets me be I. It lets me be who Dee Dee is. I am a special spirit who learned to love life and work hard to make each sunrise and sunset special.

I know you are with me in spirit. Sure I am going to miss your blue eyes and warm smile and those fond memories I hold so close. I look up in the night sky and find the brightest star and say good night daddy. And when I open my eyes from sleep I say good morning daddy.

I cannot call you anymore daddy when I am feeling blue and need to talk to you. I have to be strong and journey on my own. And daddy I will always be your little girl. I know you will find little ways to let me know you are there looking down on me.

So Daddy fly with the soaring eagles till we meet again. I know you are close. I just wish one more time I could hear your voices say I love you and get that special hug that only a loving father can give a daughter. I miss you Daddy.

All my love,
Dee Dee

Dee Dee Serpas is a retired police officer from Kenner Police Department (Louisiana).  Currently, she is the President of the TAPS Memorial Web site.   Following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, Sheriff Paul Berthelot, Sheriff of St. John the Baptist Parish, and that of her father, who was president of FOP Lodge 2 in the late 1950s, Dee Dee became a Police Officer. First with the East Jefferson Levee Board Police, she also joined the Kenner Police Department and was the only female to graduate from the academy that year. Later, she joined the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office as a street cop. This makes her the only known female in Louisiana to have held three commissions at the age of 21.

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